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Heather M.

From the Lions Mouth: 
My Extracurricular Activities: 
My Columbia Day: 
  • Head over to Ferris Booth Commons for an omelet and toast with a few of my floormates after we do some reading in our lounge before class starts.

  • Attend Science of Psychology with Professor Patricia Lindemann, where we discuss REM sleep and how it impacts learning and memory.

  • Read for my Literature Humanities class while on the 1 train up to the Columbia University Medical Center. I’m en route to my lab, where I get to perform cranial window surgery (brain surgery) on genetically engineered mice, then conduct behavioral research studies using implanted lasers to control mouse behavior. 

  • Attend the Columbia Neuroscience Society executive board meeting, where we discuss the collaborative outreach event I’m helping to plan for Brain Awareness Week.

  • Head to JJ’s Place for a late dinner before a group study section (which includes Insomnia Cookies from our RA, since she’s the best!).