Columbia Launches Alternative Application

Columbia has launched an alternative to the Common Application, the Columbia First-Year Application, as an option for students applying to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering. As some students, counselors and teachers continue to experience technical challenges with the Common Application, we wanted to provide an additional choice should problems persist as our January 1 deadline approaches.

If students have already started a Common Application and the process is going smoothly, we encourage them to finish through that method. The Columbia First-Year Application is simply here to serve as alternative for students who are having difficulty with the Common Application. Students should submit only one complete application, using either the Common or the Columbia First-Year Application.

We will review our new application with the same holistic review process that we use to review the Common Application; there is no preference for one over the other. We hope students will choose the application method that works best for them. For more information, candidates are encouraged to review our Application Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.