Alumni Volunteers

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Thousands of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering alumni volunteer on behalf of Undergraduate Admissions as members of the Alumni Representative Committee (ARC). ARC members are Columbia ambassadors hailing from different professional backgrounds and graduation years, volunteering in all 50 states and dozens of countries to share their Columbia experiences with prospective students.

Why join the ARC?

  • ARC members are vital to our efforts to reach students interested in learning more about Columbia, especially in areas of the world where admissions officers cannot visit.
  • Interview reports submitted by ARC members play a critical role in our application review process and support our holistic evaluation of applicants.
  • Applicants who receive interviews and are admitted are more likely to choose Columbia. Enrolling students often cite their interview experiences and connections formed with alumni as one of the main reasons they chose to attend Columbia over peer institutions.

How do I become an ARC member?

  • Visit the ARC website and create your account by logging in with your UNI and password. Don't know your UNI and password? Complete a Help Request Form for immediate assistance.
  • Complete the ARC Training course to familiarize yourself with the program and best practices for conducting interviews.
  • Update your ARC preferences with your current contact information, ARC region, your Columbia affiliations and the number of interviews you anticipate you can conduct during Early Decision and Regular Decision.
  • The ARC website contains a guide for new volunteers. Review our interview tips, see examples of effective interview reports and learn about other ways ARC members support Columbia. 
  • Between November and February, you can log in to request interviews with candidates attending any high school in the world. Know that you do not have to wait to be assigned an interview.

Are there other ways for me to be involved?

Yes! We encourage all Columbia College and Columbia Engineering alumni to learn about volunteer opportunities through the Columbia College Alumni Association and the Columbia Engineering Alumni Association.

Thank you for your continued support of Columbia - ROAR!