Columbia College >

One of the world’s premier liberal arts colleges, Columbia College is home to a vibrant community of undergraduates, an endless array of engaging ideas and a sweeping sense of possibility. Students share the transformative experience of a Core Curriculum and pursue their passions with curiosity, purpose and an eye toward a better future.

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science >

Through an undergraduate course of study that features an engineering foundation with a liberal arts core, Columbia Engineering students leverage the extensive resources of a major research university in order to become leaders and innovators. Columbia Engineers are prepared to confront complex issues with groundbreaking solutions to the grand challenges of our time. We call it Engineering for Humanity.

The Core Curriculum >

For over 100 years, the Core Curriculum has been the defining element of a Columbia education. It is a communal learning experience of small discussion-based seminars that cultivate community-wide discourse and deliberate contemplation around classic works, contemporary issues and humanity's most enduring questions.


Columbia is your corner of the world’s greatest city, where languages, cultures and ideas combine. From our intimate, character-rich neighborhood in Morningside Heights, a quick subway ride gives you access to an entire universe (and infinite resources!), all tucked inside 315 city blocks.

Community >

At Columbia, you’re not defined by just one thing. Our students come together from every background and every corner of the world to engage and explore, to seek new adventures and perspectives, to build connections, and to pursue a better world. These passions fuel more than 500 student clubs and organizations.

Admissions >

We seek out intellectually curious minds from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds across the country and around the world. Our review process is holistic and contextual, enabling us to assess each student's fit for Columbia's unique educational experience.

Financial Aid >

What matters most to us is your ability to thrive at Columbia, not your ability to pay for it. Our goal is to make Columbia an affordable option for any student. We cover 100% of the financial need for all first-year and transfer applicants for all four years, without the use of loans.