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Columbia undergraduates come from all over the world and contribute multifaceted interests to our campus community. Our talented students share their campus experiences, perspective on community and advice for your college search. Want to chat with a student studying your intended major? Meet a current student who is from a similar part of the world? Connect with our students by emailing

Adam W. CC '22
Biological Sciences
Houston, TX

Advice for students: "Cast a wide net and keep an open mind! When exploring colleges, the most important thing is finding a school that really fits you, and a good way to do that is to taste test so you can find out what you do and do not like. I knew for years before applying to college that I wanted to go to a school in a big city with a diverse student body, and after some exploration I found Columbia and realized it was the perfect home for me."

Aiman N. SEAS '23
Mechanical Engineering
Danvers, MA

Advice for students: "Try to find and speak with a student! Speaking to a student will help you better understand the university and what it means to various individuals. It will also help you understand what's available to students and their experiences so far."

Anisah N. CC'21
Psychology and Political Science
London, England

On community: "I joined Raw Elementz, Columbia's oldest hip hop team. We all shared a love for dance and spent so much time in rehearsals, preparing for performances, etc. that being in the studio with them became a second home."

Anna P. CC '21
Drama and Theatre Arts
Johannesburg, South Africa

Only at Columbia: "During my first semester at Columbia, one of my professors invited the stage manager of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway to speak to our class about her experience in the theatre industry. Afterwards, I reached out to her and got to take an exclusive backstage tour and watch the show for free from the stage manager's booth!"

Astrid L. CC '23
Human Rights and Latin and Caribbean Studies
Eden Prarie, MN

On the Core: "My Literature Humanities class has by far been my favorite Core Curriculum course. One of my favorite memories was sitting on the lawns near the Mathematics building and reading Sappho as we all ate snacks together. Reading and discussing poetry with my amazing and kind professor and with all of my classmates, that I now call my friends, was so special. Our section was so united and just so welcoming, and I am so grateful to have had that as one of my first introductions to Columbia."

Avery B. CC '22
Human Rights, English Concentration
Lubbock, TX

On community: "I made my closest friends on my first year residence hall floor, John Jay 8. We bonded over movie marathons on our floor lounge, studying for Literature Humanities together, and random ideas like mac-and-cheese cooking competitions. We still have weekly 'friendship dinners' two years later!"


Benjy S. CC '22
Chemistry and Economics
Accra, Ghana

Advice for students: "Never create a different version of yourself in your application. And it is okay to not know what you want to study at college yet."

Blessing U. CC'22
Theatre and Education Studies
Houston, TX

Only at Columbia: "My advisor took a group of her advisees to a performance at the Public Theater downtown, and not only did we get to see the show for free, but we also met a member of the cast! This trip inspired me apply to this same theater to work as a summer intern for their Shakespeare in the Park series, and I got the job!"

Edgardo Z. CC'22
History and Statistics
Queens, NY

On the Core: 
"We took a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for our Art Humanities class. While the trip was very educational, we also spent a lot of time laughing with our professor and learning about each other."

Elias T.P. SEAS '23
Biomedical Engineering
Hamilton, OH

On research: "My first year, I found so many great resources, whether through advisers or friends, that helped me participate in research. One upperclassman who was studying my same major recommended a summer research program right here at Columbia. And despite the circumstances, I was able to conduct research virtually this summer by working on RNA-sequencing as it relates to autoimmune diseases. And since the lab is at Columbia's medical campus, I'll have the chance to continue my research during the fall!"

Emily M. SEAS '23
Mechanical Engineering
Los Angeles, CA

Advice for students: "Find a college that calls to you in every way possible. Create a list of the different resources you want in a college and see if they have them. You should feel like your campus supports you in every way you need it to, and if you do that, you will be happy and content with your choices."

Gabriel G. CC '22
Political Science
Miami, FL

Only at Columbia: "Through a Columbia program in partnership with the Architecture department, I was able to visit Hudson Yards while it was still under construction and had not yet been opened to the public. We met with the team of architects who designed it, and then we put on safety vests and hard hats and headed up the construction elevator to what is now the Edge observation deck! It was a very interesting experience to be granted access to such a large structure while it was under construction!"

Grace B. CC '21
Independence, IA

On internships: "We are located in the best city for internships! I've interned for the Mayor's Office and the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, which fights organized crime on the docks. Over the summers, I interned for my senator in Washington, DC, for a presidential campaign in Minnesota, and for the Manhattan District Attorney."

Kaitlyn B. SEAS '23
Applied Mathematics
Tuxedo, NY

Only at Columbia: "I won a completely free ticket to see Hamilton with about 20 other Columbia students through the Urban NY lottery. They even paid for my subway ride!"

Katy H. CC ' 23
Political Science and Creative Writing
Charlottesville, VA

On internships: "This summer I was able to work as an intern at Forthright Legal, an immigration law firm in my hometown. I received funding for this internship  through the Center for Career Education at Columbia."

Kellian S. CC'22
Ethnicity and Race Studies and Sociology
Shonto, AZ

On community: "I was able to connect with a current student from my hometown and was introduced to the Native American community before I arrived on campus. I was already connected to Columbia through this group, and grew my community when we had our first general body meeting."

Mackenzie G.
CC ' 22
Great Falls, MT

Advice for students: "It's great that even during a pandemic so many colleges are offering virtual tours, information sessions, and other outreach. Take advantage of those opportunities so you can really get to know the schools you are interested in. Also, give yourself a moment to breathe. It has been a tough year, and as you are all working so hard, it's important to give yourself a break."

Martin H. CC '21
History and Business Management
Wilmington, DE

Advice for students: "Fit is huge! Trust your gut, and find the place where you 'vibe' with the people and culture the most and you will have a happy four years!"

Maryam E. CC '21
Human Rights
Queens, NY

On community: "I became involved with Turath (Arab Students Association) and MSA (Muslim Students Association), which made me feel at home. Working as a tutor through America Reads allowed me to channel my passion for education and public service. I'm also grateful for the FGLI (First Gen/Low Income) programming put on by Multicultural Affairs."

Max H. SEAS '22
Computer Science
Harrison, NY

Only at Columbia: "In my Art of Engineering class, Professor Mike Massimino, a former NASA astronaut, got a call from the International Space Station while he was presenting to the entire class!"

Nkima S. CC '21
Neuroscience and Behavior
Conyers, GA

On community: "The Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program (a pre-orientation program) allowed me to get to know a smaller group of first-years on a camping trip before orientation week. We had no tech for the whole weekend, so we were really able to disconnect get to know each other in nature before coming back to busy Columbia. Our orientation leaders served as mentors and eased many of my fears about entering college knowing nobody. The friends I made on that trip were integral to my first year, and I'm still friends with many of them today!"

Redd I. CC'21
Music and Sociology
Columbia-Juilliard Exchange
Columbus, OH

On Study Abroad: "I studied abroad during my junior year at the Columbia Global Center in Paris. It was hands down five of the most memorable months of my life! While I was there, I got to continue my musical and sociological instruction while also improving my French and learning and experiencing Parisian culture. The host family I lived with was 5 people, so I really got to get a feel of French family life. I even got to plan a small concert with my peers in Paris!"

Renata M. CC '22
Environmental Science and Sustainable Development
Brownsville, TX

On the Core: "I saw the Broadway show Hadestown with some students from my LitHum class and my LitHum professor. I really had no idea what to expect, but it was a beautiful take on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. I found myself referring back to this experience a year later while learning about music of antiquity and later about Monteverdi's works in my MusicHum class. Any moment that forms a connection across multiple Core classes is a satisfying moment you don't forget."

Riley S. CC '22
Port Saint Lucie, FL

On research: "I got to spend the summer after my first year at Columbia doing research in a biology lab as part of a fellowship. It was not only an incredible opportunity to work on a research project with other undergraduate students, but an insightful program where I could attend lectures and talks by various senior faculty members within the sciences, including a Nobel Prize winner."

Scout B. CC '23
Wooster, AR

Only at Columbia: "During my first semester, I won a ticket to To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway through the Dean-in-Residence excursion. It was on my roommate's birthday, and we got to go watch a play inspired by the book I'm named after!"

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