Meet Our Students

Columbia undergraduates come from all over the world and contribute multifaceted interests to our campus community. Our talented students share their campus experiences, perspective on community and advice for your college search.

Adam K.
History and Political Science
Buffalo, NY

Why Columbia? "I truly believe Columbia is one of the most collaborative and creative spaces to study, with students using their education to advance social interests both in and beyond New York City. This creative license, spirit of activism and inherent support across the community drove my decision to transfer to and attend Columbia."

Aiman N. - I also speak Arabic
Mechanical Engineering
Danvers, MA

In the world's greatest city: "Exploring New York City is one of my favorite pastimes. Leveraging Columbia's museum pass has opened doors (quite literally) to several museums I never knew I could visit. Learning from museums, attending exhibits and venturing out with friends has created memories I will cherish forever."

Astrid L.
Latin American & Caribbean Studies and Political Science 
Eden Prairie, MN

Find me on campus: "My favorite thing to do on campus is probably getting a meal or boba tea and sitting on the Low Library steps with my friends! We amicably call the steps "Low Beach" because of how popular it is. It is so fun to run into friends, catch up with people and watch the beautiful sunset at night."

Avery B.
English and Human Rights
Lubbock, TX

Advice for the college search: "I would advise prospective students to focus on what they are passionate about in their applications! It will help you enjoy your high school experience, and let whoever is reading your application get to know you better."

Benjamin S.
Accra, Ghana

A traditional residential campus in New York City: "Living on campus is a great way to create a community and make friends from day one. Living in Hartley Hall my first year allowed me to make many friends on my floor, learn about various campus resources and receive great mentorship from upperclassmen who lived on my floor."

Billy K. - I also speak Spanish
Comparative Literature & Society, specialization in Hispanic Studies and Hellenic Studies
Queens, NY

Learning beyond the classroom at Columbia: "I interned this summer at the Queens District Attorney's office. I worked on a team that aimed to protect workers and tenants from fraud and workplace abuse. I found the position through my own research, but the Center for Career Education was endlessly helpful in preparation for my interviews and when speaking with the office's recruiter."

Blanche Z. - I also speak Mandarin
Visual Art and Art History
Beijing, China

The Core Curriculum: "I came to Columbia as someone who was afraid of heavy readings and never thought about diving into humanities. However, after I took Literature Humanities and Art Humanities, I discovered my interests in history, specifically art history, and I ended up majoring in it!"

Blessing U.
Theater and Education
Houston, TX

Professors that are both world-renowned and accessible to undergraduates: "One of my favorite classes at Columbia has been Shakespeare in America with Professor James Shapiro.  Our final assignment was a term paper and I wrote mine on a performance done at the Public Theater. Professor Shapiro knew the director, Kenny Leon, and got me to interview him for my research! "

Charlie W. - I also speak Mandarin
East Asian Studies & Political Science 
Denver, CO

A traditional residential campus in New York City: " My current suitemates are all friends that I made freshman year in Carman Floor 6.  We now use our suite in East Campus with a big and wonderful kitchen to host potluck dinners. I love coming back to my dorm everyday and seeing my closest friends while still having a single in my suite. "

Edgardo Z. - I also speak Spanish and Italian
History and Statistics
Queens, NY

Campus community: "My favorite Columbia tradition is the Tree Lighting. Not only does it make campus look beautiful in the winter, but the event is always so much fun. I love seeing hundreds of students gathering around sipping their hot beverages and cheering as the lights go on."

Emily M.
Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Earth & Environmental Engineering
Los Angeles, CA

In the world's greatest city: "I have attended three Broadway shows, which is definitely something I would never have expected. The tickets and transportation were all provided by Columbia, and I am grateful for the opportunity to go into the city, watch these spectacular performances and meet some of my amazing peers as we traveled together."

Gabriel G.
Political Science, Pre-Law Track
Miami, FL

On the Core Curriculum: "The Core Curriculum has provided me with an academic framework to examine the foundations of the society we live in. I am better able to understand the structures and systems that make up the world around us due in part to the Core."

Haya G. - I also speak Arabic
Civil Engineering, Minor in Middle Eastern, South Asian & African Studies
Beirut, Lebanon

Learning beyond the classroom at Columbia: "I've done research in the Carleton Civil Engineering Lab. I was able to learn more about material test strengths and the methods of determining if concrete and steel samples are up to industry standards, as well as research involving soil mechanics. It was a very enriching experience, and I also had a lot of fun!"

Kaitlyn B.
Applied Math and Computer Science
Tuxedo, NY

Campus community: "The Society of Women Engineers is my favorite co-curricular activity that I am involved with. I am on the Mentorship Committee, so I help to plan events where first-years and sophomores get to meet juniors and seniors in their department. As a first-year, I was so grateful to get advice from the junior and senior women in STEM on classes and adjusting to college life."

Kellian S.
Creative Writing and Ethnicity & Race Studies, specialization in Indigenous Studies
Shonto, AZ

Advice for the college search: "Be authentic. The 'perfect student' does not exist. In the end, you are more than your GPA or your test scores. Utilize the personal essay component to prove that. Colleges are interested in you and what you can bring to the overall community."

Kianna P.
Political Science and Ethnicity & Race Studies, specialization in Indigenous Studies
Farmington, NM

On the Core Curriculum: "One of my favorite classes of the Core Curriculum is Contemporary Civilizations. We were using original texts to explore both the problems and solutions to modern world issues. The Core Curriculum has taught me to reflect on how we as individuals can truly affect society."

Mackenzie G.
Sociology and Education
Great Falls, MT

A traditional residential campus in New York City: "Having a campus within a city is rare and special. We have an amazing home base that really cultivates community, and yet we also have easy access to New York City thanks to the subway line right outside the gates!"

Renata M.
Sustainable Development
Brownsville, TX

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because I appreciated the collective experience offered by the Core Curriculum. I knew I'd be challenged here (and I certainly have been), but I also knew that there was a great opportunity of growing as an individual outside of the classroom and in such a diverse city in every sense of the word. "

Riley S.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Learning beyond the classroom at Columbia: "I got involved with biology research during the summer following my first year at Columbia. I worked in the Kelley Lab on frog behavior and vocalizations, and I had the chance to present my research at an undergraduate research symposium the following winter. I learned so much from my peers and supervisors in the lab."

Scout B.
Economics, Concentration in Sustainable Development
Wooster, AR

Professors that are both world-renowned and accessible to undergraduates: "During my first semester at Columbia, Professor Gulati invited members of my Economics class to a series of lunches with him. The conversation was the best part. We were able to connect as classmates while getting to know our professor on a more personal level."


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