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Columbia undergraduates come from all over the world and contribute multifaceted interests to our campus community. Our talented students share their campus experiences, perspective on community and advice for your college search.




Adam K. CC '22
History and Political Science
Buffalo, New York

On the Core Curriculum: "My favorite memory is from my Literature Humanities class visit to the Met. We received a personalized tour from an art historian that explored famous motifs and scenes from the texts we had read over the course of the academic year, culminating in an incredible gallery tour of Dutch painting followed by coffee in Central Park. Only at Columbia!"




Avery B. CC '22
Human Rights and English
Lubbock, Texas

On community: "I made my closest friends on my first year residence hall floor, John Jay 8. We bonded over movie marathons on our floor lounge, studying for Literature Humanities together, and random ideas like mac-and-cheese cooking competitions. We still have weekly 'friendship dinners' two years later!"




Bailey K. CC '22
Economics and Psychology
Cooper City, Florida

On research: "Coming into Columbia, I had heard about all of the opportunities to do research, but I never thought that I would end up participating. When I developed an interest, I was able to get a position in the Economics department within one week,  working on a project in which I used skills from one of my economics classes. It was a great way to apply what I have learned beyond the classroom setting."




Blanche Z. CC '22
Visual Art and Art History
Beijing, China

Only at Columbia: "After I read Father Comes Home from the Wars by Suzan-Lori Parks in my Literature Humanities class, I went to her lecture with my classmates in the Low Library. It was amazing to have the opportunity to learn from the author herself about her writing."

Also speaks: Mandarin




Edgardo Z. CC '22
History and Statistics
Queens, New York

Advice for students: "Truly be yourself. Don't listen to the Internet and try to emulate someone else's application. Every person is unique, and that's what we want to see at Columbia - your true self!"

Also speaks: Italian




Emily M. SEAS '23
Mechanical Engineering
Los Angeles, California

Advice for students: "Find a college that calls to you in every way possible. Create a list of the different resources you want in a college and see if they have them. You should feel like your campus supports you in every way you need it to, and if you do that, you will be happy and content with your choices."




Gabriel G. CC '22
Political Science
Miami, Florida

Only at Columbia: "Through a Columbia program in partnership with the Architecture department, I was able to visit Hudson Yards while it was still under construction and had not yet been opened to the public. We met with the team of architects who designed it, and then we put on safety vests and hard hats and headed up the construction elevator to what is now the Edge observation deck! It was a very interesting experience to be granted access to such a large structure while it was under construction!"




Jen P. CC '23
Astrophysics and Music
Cincinnati, Ohio

On studying abroad: "Coming from a low-income background, I'd never traveled much farther than my own hometown. During my first year, I won the Presidential Global Fellowship and got to study in Paris, France, all-expenses-paid during the summer. Everything I read about in my courses and throughout my life I got to see in person at some of the world's most famous landmarks and museums, all thanks to Columbia!"

Also speaks: French and German




Kaitlyn B. SEAS '23
Applied Mathematics
Tuxedo, New York

Only at Columbia: "I won a completely free ticket to see Hamilton with about 20 other Columbia students through the Urban NY lottery. They even paid for my subway ride!"






Katy H. CC '23
Political Science and Creative Writing
Charlottesville, Virginia

On internships: "Last summer I was able to work as an intern at Forthright Legal, an immigration law firm in my hometown. I received funding for this internship  through the Center for Career Education at Columbia."





Mackenzie G. CC '22
Great Falls, Montana

Advice for students: "It's great that even during a pandemic, so many colleges are offering virtual tours, information sessions, and other outreach. Take advantage of those opportunities so you can really get to know the schools you are interested in. Also, give yourself a moment to breathe. It has been a tough year, and as you are all working so hard, it's important to give yourself a break."




Nicole J. CC '23
Anthropology and Sustainable Development
Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Advice for students: "Keep an open mind, and talk to current students about their experiences. They'll give you the best picture of what student life and academics at that particular school are really like!"

Also speaks: Russian




Nikita T. SEAS '23
Computer Science
West Palm Beach, Florida

On the Core Curriculum: "In my Art of Engineering course, the final project involved creating a game or activity using an Arduino. At the end of course we held an exhibition where everyone could go around and see all of the interesting projects and even try some of them out!"





Oladapo L. CC '23
Neuroscience and Behavior and Economics
Monroe, Louisiana

Advice for students: "I would say that when it comes to searching for colleges, just make sure to stay true to yourself while you explore the process."






Olivia H. CC '22
Political Science and Dance
San Diego, California

On internships: "Thanks to the resources available through the Center for Career Education, I was able to land an internship at an immigration law firm in Manhattan during the spring semester. As a pre-law student, it was a really insightful experience and gave me hands-on experience, such as drafting and editing affidavits, meeting with clients, doing research for cases, and more. In New York City, you have access to employment opportunities you don't get elsewhere."




Renata M. CC '22
Environmental Science and Sustainable Development
Brownsville, Texas

On the Core Curriculum: "I saw the Broadway show Hadestown with some students from my Literature Humanities class and my professor. It was a beautiful take on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. I found myself referring back to this experience a year later while learning about music of antiquity and later about Monteverdi's works in my Music Humanities class."

Also speaks: Spanish

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