Faculty Profile: Shree Nayar

Shree Nayar

T. C. Chang Professor, Computer Science


“I enjoy having undergraduates in my research lab. They come with a fresh pair of eyes, great enthusiasm and an intense curiosity. Through the questions they ask, they make us think twice about what we do. Since they are unbiased about research, they are also more inclined to think out of the box.”


A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Professor Nayar is a research pioneer and inventor in computational cameras and advanced vision systems. His work has had significant impact on the practice of digital imaging, computer graphics and robotics. He recently launched an effort to create an inexpensive, build-it-yourself digital camera, called BigShot Camera for Education, that can be distributed to children around the world to learn about science, engineering, art and culture.

Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • Computational Imaging
  • Computer Vision