Meet Our Students

From the Lions Mouth
“My favorite assignment was conducting my own field research in the SEE-U Jordan program. I heard lectures on a variety of topics, including water purification, water scarcity, deforestation and coral reef depletion. My project included documenting the amount of litter in the Gulf of Aqaba, examining the cultural perceptions of litter and looking at marine litter on a global scale. It was great practice writing a research proposal, conducting field research and presenting my findings to an audience.”
My Columbia Day
  • Go to my Varsity Swimming and Diving Team practice. I love having the support system of the team. While it’s a challenge to find time to practice and lift weights in addition to class, extracurriculars and sleep, I’ve become better at time management! Our team finished second last year in the Ivy League with a 10-1 record, and I received the coaches award last year. I also volunteer with my team to give diving lessons to the community on weekends.

  • In Frontiers of Science, Stuart Firestein speaks about his research in olfacation, or sensory neuroscience. It's interesting to learn a scientific perspective of the sense of smell!

  • Discuss various cultures and how they intersect in my Intepretation of Cultural Anthropology class.

  • Attend my Introduction to Sustainable Development class, where today we’re analyzing power consumption in order to discuss alternative energy resources.

  • Meet with my advisor to discuss my coursework from the SEE-U Jordan summer program. I traveled to Amman, Ajloun, Dana, Aquaba and the Dead Sea to learn about different environments and discuss global sustainability issues. I became involved in the program through the Sustainable Development department.

  • Eat dinner with my teammates at Ferris Booth Commons – they have amazing make-your-own salads, a delicious mango chutney and brie sandwich and of course, deadly mint chocolate chip cookies.