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Ari S. Guitar

Ari S

From the Lions Mouth
“The Core sticks with Columbians - not because of the amount of literature covered, but in the way we cover it – being collaborative and communicative in speaking about these texts. The Core has helped me understand that I do have a lot of room to grow in a lot of different fields, and it has been really enlightening.”
My Columbia Day
  • Pick up my lunch at Brownie’s, the hidden café in Avery Hall that has amazing sandwiches!

  • Go to my Literature Humanities class, taught by Professor Joseph Howley. He always comments about our literature with colorful language; for example, our Ovid reading was reduced to, "You bludgeon a cow, and then you bury it."

  • Attend Later Renaissance Art with Professor Michael Cole. This class helped me decide to major in Art History. By the second day, I moved from being a concentrator to a major. The style of lecture, the philosophy of teaching, and the people in my class made me really enjoy learning about artists from Michelangelo to Caravaggio.

  • Go to the ophthalmology lab where I’m examining the membrane of the eye for future use as a diagnostic tool for diseases.

  • Discuss quantum mechanics and atomic theory in my General Chemistry course.

  • Meet with the Bioethics Committee of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA).  We discuss contemporary topics in the field of medicine, and we work on articles for our publication. I really appreciate being able to gain advice and insight to Columbia from upperclassmen.

  • Work on editing an article for Columbia Science Review. I was involved in journalism in high school, so I appreciate the ability to edit popular science articles so that people can be educated about the larger field of science. I also help write the “Cocktail Science” (little bits of science knowledge) articles in each issue.