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Ari S. Guitar

Ari S

From the Lions Mouth
“One of my first tours as a tour guide was to a large group of non-English speakers. While it was challenging to adjust my tour to make sure the translator had enough time to translate, it allowed me to consider how Columbia is represented to the rest of the world.”
My Columbia Day
  • Pick up my lunch at Brownie’s, the hidden café in Avery Hall that has amazing sandwiches!

  • Go to my Literature Humanities class, taught by Professor Joseph Howley. He always comments about our literature with colorful language; for example, our Ovid reading was reduced to, "You bludgeon a cow, and then you bury it."

  • Attend Later Renaissance Art with Professor Michael Cole. This class helped me decide to major in Art History. By the second day, I moved from being a concentrator to a major. The style of lecture, the philosophy of teaching, and the people in my class made me really enjoy learning about artists from Michelangelo to Caravaggio.

  • Go to the ophthalmology lab where I’m examining the membrane of the eye for future use as a diagnostic tool for diseases.

  • Discuss quantum mechanics and atomic theory in my General Chemistry course.

  • Meet with the Bioethics Committee of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA).  We discuss contemporary topics in the field of medicine, and we work on articles for our publication. I really appreciate being able to gain advice and insight to Columbia from upperclassmen.

  • Work on editing an article for Columbia Science Review. I was involved in journalism in high school, so I appreciate the ability to edit popular science articles so that people can be educated about the larger field of science. I also help write the “Cocktail Science” (little bits of science knowledge) articles in each issue.