Meet Our Students

Bianca B.

From the Lions Mouth
“The LionShare program through the Center for Career Education shows jobs all around the world, and I like how it demonstrates alumni involvement and commitment to working with undergraduates to find opportunities.”
My Extracurricular Activities
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Behavioral Neuroscience, which I enjoy not only because it is in-depth on the topic but it has also tied together several courses from my first year. I really credit Professor Don Hood’s lectures in Frontiers of Science with sparking my interest in this field.

  • Go to my Literature Humanities class. I really enjoy how this class has made reading enjoyable and fun, and how we’ve been able to view multiple perspectives through the literature.

  • After a quick snack, meet with the Cheerleading team for practice for this week’s basketball game. While I never did this in high school, I love being involved and the opportunities that being on the team provides.

  • Have a meeting with my fellow tutors in JumpStart, which teaches underserved preschoolers how to read. I like how this program allows me to help someone in a concrete way, and how the program’s emphasis on literature ties to Columbia’s educational philosophy.