Meet Our Students

Bianca B.

From the Lions Mouth
“Don’t worry about the exact thing you want to study. Consider the environment in which you will be involved, and focus on making sure the fit feels right.”
My Extracurricular Activities
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Behavioral Neuroscience, which I enjoy not only because it is in-depth on the topic but it has also tied together several courses from my first year. I really credit Professor Don Hood’s lectures in Frontiers of Science with sparking my interest in this field.

  • Go to my Literature Humanities class. I really enjoy how this class has made reading enjoyable and fun, and how we’ve been able to view multiple perspectives through the literature.

  • After a quick snack, meet with the Cheerleading team for practice for this week’s basketball game. While I never did this in high school, I love being involved and the opportunities that being on the team provides.

  • Have a meeting with my fellow tutors in JumpStart, which teaches underserved preschoolers how to read. I like how this program allows me to help someone in a concrete way, and how the program’s emphasis on literature ties to Columbia’s educational philosophy.