Meet Our Students

From the Lions Mouth
“I have had the opportunity to work at a branding firm, which has led me to want to work prior to attending graduate school and entering academia. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about international sales and to present at sales trainings about the products of the firm. I never would have had this opportunity or considered my interests in sales/marketing unless I had attended a career fair at Columbia. ”
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Music Humanities. As a music student, I am enthusiastic about the material we discuss. One assignment even asked us to write a paper about our favorite song – one of the coolest assignments ever!

  • Meet with an adviser in the Office of Global Programs. I studied abroad in Italy the summer after my first year based on a suggestion from my professor, and I am hoping to go to China in the near future!

  • Go to my Comparative Literature seminar. A paper from this class – where I couldn’t find much scholarly research in the field – has led me to conduct independent research. I’m looking at the intertextuality of the novel Frankenstein

  • Head down to P.S. 145 to teach guitar lessons to students as part of the Musical Mentors Collaborative. It’s a great way to get off-campus and to continue my passions for music!

  • Meet with members from other literary publications on campus (including the Columbia Review, Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, Writers House, and my organization, Columbia New Poetry) to discuss a future collaborative open mic program. Last semester, we held an event called “the League of Extraordinary Litérrateurs,” which celebrated our publications and included readings of poetry, fiction and even haikus. It was a great opportunity to celebrate literature on campus.