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Colin H.

Majors: Mathematics, Physics
From the Lions Mouth
“I've loved mathematics since high school geometry; math as a world of proof, rigor, and beauty was, and still is, a place where I can relish abstraction while remaining useful. As for physics, I was originally planning only on concentrating in physics, but the combined efforts of a brilliant, challenging physics course and Brian Greene's inspiring Frontiers of Science lectures brought it more into focus.”
My Columbia Day
  • Head to my Topology class with Professor Paul Siegel. The class covers many of the fundamental notions of mathematical structure underlying the field and techniques of analysis. Topology itself demands a sometimes inhuman level of rigor and hard work, which is exactly why I love it—at one point we flirted dangerously with the Axiom of Choice and set theoretics that verged on the metaphysical.

  • I meet with my research mentor, Professor Brian Cole, who I had last year for Accelerated Physics about the high-energy particle physics work I’m doing this semester. We work in quantum chromodynamics and specifically with the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. I’m investigating the relationship between energy characteristics of QCD jets and the angular distributions of their constituent charged particles. Professor Cole is very hands-on and interested in helping out undergraduates like myself.

  • Attend my last class of the day, Contemporary Civilization. I find that I’m often thinking a lot more during class about the good life and how we construct communities so as to achieve that good—I’m becoming, as Plato would have it, quite the philosopher king. 

  • Time for my weekly meeting of the Executive Board of the Columbia Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO).  We are cultivating community in the residence halls with Of-the-Month awards and an outdoor Garden Party with performances, food and activities.

  • I’ll head to my grill shift for FeelGood CU, which makes and delivers grilled cheese around campus late nights to contribute towards the Millennium Development Goal of ending world hunger and poverty by 2030. I’m not so good at making the sandwiches… so usually I just do the deliveries!