Meet Our Students

Daniel W.

From the Lions Mouth
“I came into Columbia interested in Classics and wanting to study Greek and Latin. However, after taking an introductory psychology class, I switched majors and began work in a neuroscience lab. While the work was great, I realized it wasn’t for me, and so I found my current major (Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species) which is multidisciplinary and offers specialization in different areas.”
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Behavioral Biology of Living Primates with Jenna Lawrence, whose enthusiasm for primates makes the class enjoyable and the subject material fascinating to learn.

  • Grab a quick sandwich from Hamilton Deli with a friend. I'm trying to beat her in the "Tour de Hamdel" - the first to sample every one of their 30+ sandwich combinations wins.

  • Go to office hours to chat with Dr. Jill Shapiro, a professor in the Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology department. End up chatting about the beauty of human bones while mapping out possible study abroad opportunities - I'm so excited about the possibility of being able to go to Eastern Europe or Africa.

  • Go to Interpretation of Culture with Professor Maxine Weisgrau. This is my first anthropology class, and it has totally changed how I think about society, human interaction, and everything that we do in our daily lives.

  • Grab coffee with my academic adviser, Cindy Cogdill - she's someone whom I know I can always turn to for help and support. I hear about all of the cool activities she does outside of work, and I catch her up on my life on campus.

  • Have a meeting with the Charles Drew Pre-Med Society, where I am the co-chair for the pipeline program.  We reach out to high schools to help guide students through the college application process and discuss what it means to be a pre-medical student and to be a doctor.