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From the Lions Mouth
“Carman 6 was the best floor to live on. The suite-style living and spacious halls encouraged a social environment right off the bat and made transitioning to college and meeting new people really easy. ”
My Extracurricular Activities
My Columbia Day
  • Attend The Social World with Professor Peter Bearman. It is because of this class that I decided that I was going to major in sociology.

  • Meet with Professor Bearman to discuss our research; I’m an undergraduate research assistant through the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy. We are examining and coding totems in the Midwestern states and reviewing newspaper archives to organize obituaries.

  • Take a break from my research to attend my Squash class, which I’m using to fulfill my Physical Education requirement.

  • Pick up a bubble tea at Café East and chat with friends in the study space of Lerner.

  • Compute and calculate differential equations in Calculus II.

  • I serve on the Columbia College Class of 2015 Council as publicity liaison. We plan and execute class functions, including events like the Winter Coffeehouse Study Break.