Meet Our Students

From the Lions Mouth
“As an engineering student, I’ve come to appreciate the Core Curriculum as an opportunity to use a different part of my brain. The two Global Core courses I have taken have especially expanded my ability to understand and discuss the development of humanity and its cultures in an insightful way. In some ways, the Core serves as a bridge between all generations of Columbians; everyone can relate to having taken the same set of courses and how each one influenced the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.”
My Columbia Day
  • Spend my morning  working in the Columbia IT lab, where I appreciate the opportunity to expand on some of my skills while providing a service to the university.

  • Review major centers of ancient society in The Rise of Civilization, an introductory course in the Antropology department.

  • Go to Introduction to Probability and Statistics with Professor Karl Sigman, who always challenges his students to think creatively and outside-the-box, as well as providing great conversation.

  • Go for a quick run in Riverside Park. Nothing helps me relax in between classes like a calm three or four miles here, with skyscrapers to the left and the Hudson River to my right.

  • Cook dinner in my floor’s kitchen using fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market on Broadway.

  • Meet with the Society of Women Engineers, where I serve as treasurer. It’s one of my most meaningful activities because it’s very inspiring to see women from all over Columbia coming together to enrich the Columbia engineering experinece. This past spring, we held an annual regional conference, which brought over 300 students and professionals to campus to showcase our engineering programs.