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Nathen H. in CNS

Nathen H.

From the Lions Mouth
“My adviser at the Center for Student Advising encouraged me to keep an open mind and to remain interested in many different facets of my education. He guided me through every inquiry I had about the different classes I would need in order to satisfy requirements, and I felt more reassured about the decisions I made for the classes I would take knowing there were people on my side to guide me through each step of the process. My adviser has become one of the people I am closest to at Columbia. He has been able to provide me with assistance with almost anything I could ever need.”
My Extracurricular Activities
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Literature Humanities with Professor Eleanor Johnson, one of the directors of the undergraduate studies in Women’s and Gender Studies. She helped further my interest in sexuality studies and relate my interests to Neuroscience by providing me with research projects studying the interplay between gender and mental health.

  • Grab lunch at Westside Market, which has a variety of fresh foods ranging from sandwichs and salads to international cheeses and mouth-watering desserts.

  • Attend the First-Year Seminar in Chemical Research, where I’m learning about different types of research areas in the field of chemistry.

  • Head over to Professor Dustin Rubenstein’s lab, where I’m doing research on animal behaviors in the field of ecological biology. I found the opportunity through a research symposium held by the Columbia Neuroscience Society (where I serve as an organizational committee member).

  • Meet with the Columbia Queer Alliance (CQA) chairs to review our fundarisers for the Ali Forney Homeless Shelter for LGBT youth. I’m fortunate to also help plan Ivy Q, an annual pan-Ivy League queer conference. Being part of CQA has allowed my Columbia experience to be much more diverse and interactive because of the different types of people I’ve met through co-sponsorships with other on-campus organizations.