Columbia's Testing Policy for 2016-2017

Standardized tests are required for admission, and Columbia accepts both the ACT and the SAT, without preference for either. Columbia will not require the writing portion for either exam. Additionally, students will no longer be required to submit SAT Subject Tests.

While we do not require SAT or ACT writing tests or SAT Subject Tests, students who have taken these exams may submit their results if they wish them to be considered. Additionally, Columbia will continue to accept scores for both the redesigned and previous version of the SAT for applicants applying for admission for Fall 2017 and Fall 2018. For SAT test-takers, we will consider only the highest testing results ("super score") reported from one version of the SAT, not across both versions. For ACT test-takers, we will consider the highest testing result you received in each individual section. For students who submit both the SAT and the ACT, we will concord the scores and take the higher score.

Columbia uses a holistic review process when evaluating applicants for admission, in which grades and test scores are assessed within the broader context of an applicant's interests, background, personal qualities and accomplishments. A profile of the current first-year class is available on the Admissions Statistics webpage.