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Daniel W.

From the Lions Mouth
“Relax in the admissions process and know that wherever you decide to enroll, you will have resources and people around you to help you be successful.”
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Behavioral Biology of Living Primates with Jenna Lawrence, whose enthusiasm for primates makes the class enjoyable and the subject material fascinating to learn.

  • Grab a quick sandwich from Hamilton Deli with a friend. I'm trying to beat her in the "Tour de Hamdel" - the first to sample every one of their 30+ sandwich combinations wins.

  • Go to office hours to chat with Dr. Jill Shapiro, a professor in the Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology department. End up chatting about the beauty of human bones while mapping out possible study abroad opportunities - I'm so excited about the possibility of being able to go to Eastern Europe or Africa.

  • Go to Interpretation of Culture with Professor Maxine Weisgrau. This is my first anthropology class, and it has totally changed how I think about society, human interaction, and everything that we do in our daily lives.

  • Grab coffee with my academic adviser, Cindy Cogdill - she's someone whom I know I can always turn to for help and support. I hear about all of the cool activities she does outside of work, and I catch her up on my life on campus.

  • Have a meeting with the Charles Drew Pre-Med Society, where I am the co-chair for the pipeline program.  We reach out to high schools to help guide students through the college application process and discuss what it means to be a pre-medical student and to be a doctor.