Butler Library

Butler is the main library on Columbia’s campus. The “Raven Mantel,” from the farmhouse where Edgar Allen Poe wrote his famous poem, sits on the sixth floor.

“The Core has to be my favorite Columbia tradition. Even after my first year, it has opened up several conversations with complete strangers as well as other alumni. I was in an entirely new city, and ran into a Columbia College alumnus, and we talked about Frontiers of Science for a good half hour.”
“Columbia classes teach you how to think and learn. With so many distinguished faculty members on campus, we’re exposed to many different ways of thinking and teaching styles. Absorbing those and incorporating them into my everyday learning is probably the most important thing I have learned during my years here.”

Harry L.

“The most formidable aspect of my time at Columbia has been interacting with, debating and learning from people (both students and faculty) who think differently than me, are from different corners of the world, are passionate about similar and vastly different things and all want to share their experiences.”

Stephanie G.

“I have yet to experience a semester at Columbia where I am unable to forge some sort of connection between all of my classes. I saw, for example, how the rise of the computer (which I was studying in my introductory computer science course) influenced the infrastructure of the United States (particularly the development of a new national grid for networking computers) and posed a whole new set of legal questions for the Supreme Court. ”

Steele S.

“As an international student, I must encourage other students from abroad to pursue their academic experience here at Columbia University. Situated in New York City, it is a great place to learn about American culture and also find other international peers who share your excitement about this eventful atmosphere.”

Marek S.

“My academic experience at Columbia, tackling one of the most challenging series of courses that I’ve ever taken, has ultimately been extremely rewarding and revolutionary. I’ve become a stronger, more capable student because of it.”
“Columbia’s engineering program is unique in that it focuses on training engineers to become thinkers, innovators and leaders, rather than just giving them a technical education.”