“As an international student, I must encourage other students from abroad to pursue their academic experience here at Columbia University. Situated in New York City, it is a great place to learn about American culture and also find other international peers who share your excitement about this eventful atmosphere.”

Marek S.

“My academic experience at Columbia, tackling one of the most challenging series of courses that I’ve ever taken, has ultimately been extremely rewarding and revolutionary. I’ve become a stronger, more capable student because of it.”
“Columbia’s engineering program is unique in that it focuses on training engineers to become thinkers, innovators and leaders, rather than just giving them a technical education.”
“ There’s something really amazing about Core classes where people from every major and department sit down and talk about these ideas that are the basis of Western thought.”

Will H.

“One of my favorite things about Columbia is that no matter the time of year, I will run into someone I know from school throughout the city. Morningside Heights is a fantastic place because it’s lively enough to enjoy but quiet enough to study and sleep. It’s a great base for exploring the rest of the subway because of the 1 train; at the end of the night after visiting a gallery in Chelsea or going to a concert in Brooklyn, you know that your little Columbian niche is just a subway ride away.”

Daniela Q.

“My favorite Columbia moment was receiving The Iliad during the summer advising session prior to arriving on campus. When the alumnus handed it to me, it felt like I was officially inducted into the Columbia experience, joining the rest of the alumni who have studied the exact same thing I was about to study. ”

Kenneth Z.

“Columbia has phenomenal professors who go out of their way to make themselves available as mentors to undergraduates, share stories about how they entered their field, help you understand the class material and provide recommendations for further learning opportunities, such as research. ”
“My Columbia education is worth it just for having met such amazing people with so many different backgrounds.”

Julia M.

“I’ve been most challenged by the way in which professors expect me to apply the learned material. It’s a long but very rewarding process, and I feel that I’ll leave Columbia with both an undergraduate degree and skills that are relevant to multiple fields.”

Sally S.

“From the second I stepped onto campus, I’ve seen how diverse our community is here and how “global” my experience actually is. My best friend on campus is an international student, and his unique experiences continue to give me a distinct perspective on the way I handle school, work and life. The World Leaders Forum extended that by allowing me to question leaders face-to-face and learn about the rest of the world from the leaders who are shaping it. My professors come from all over the world and their expertise reflects their commitment to understanding the way the world works. They have inspired me to focus on international and comparative politics.”

Sruti S.