Meet Our Students

Jennifer O.

Major: Earth Science
From the Lions Mouth: 
My Columbia Day: 
  • For my early wake-up day, I start off the morning right with a trip to Joe Coffee, the best coffee on campus. One chai tea and pumpkin muffin later, I’m ready to take the day by storm!

  • Head up to Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia’s earth science research campus, to work in Professor Cornelia Class’s geochemistry lab. I help analyze volcanic rocks from the Walvis Ridge in the South Atlantic, measuring trace elements and radioactive isotopes to learn about the evolution of the earth’s mantle.

  • Go to my Geochemistry for a Habitable Planet class, where we are studying how the earth has evolved and differentiated since its formation. We just learned about how elements are formed in stars and supernovae, and our professor shared Carl Sagan’s famous line about how we are all made of starstuff.

  • Grab dinner before heading over to whitewater kayaking practice at the pool in Dodge Fitness Center! I work on rolls, teach beginners new skills, and plan with the rest of the board for this weekend’s trip to paddle down another river in the Tri-State area!