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Columbia undergraduates come from every background and corner of the world, and bring their multifaceted passions, interests and talents to our vibrant campus community.

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Columbia College student Emhyr S.

Learning beyond the classroom: "I’ve had the opportunity to conduct research in two different areas: one on battery modeling, and the other in bacterial engineering. Both opportunities were fantastic ways to apply my skills from the classroom in a hands-on, impactful way, while learning a lot in the process."

S. SEAS'24
Reno, NV
Chemical Engineering, Minor in Biomedical Engineering
Columbia Engineering student Lavinia G.

A residential campus in NYC: "I met so many of my best friends on my residence hall floor my first year. Carman 6 was such a fun place to live, and I've maintained those friendships throughout my time at Columbia."

G. SEAS'24
Brookline, MA
Biomedical Engineering
Columbia College student Andrea S-B.

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because I really wanted a school where I didn't have to sacrifice having a traditional on-campus college experience with being able to explore the vast resources of a large city. Thanks to the Core Curriculum, I can create that small community that I really loved from my previous school while being able to explore areas of study that had never been able to explore before. With that, I also love that Columbia really integrates going out and about in New York City to compliment our education."

S-B. CC'23
Chicago, IL
American Studies and History
Columbia College student Adelina C.

The Core Curriculum: "I came to Columbia not really knowing what I wanted to study, so I really appreciate the way that the Core Curriculum facilitated my exploration of different subjects. It was through taking random classes that I liked the sound of or taking classes with professors I admired that I ended up stumbling across my majors, which I am now super passionate about!"

C. CC'23
London, United Kingdom
Ethnicity & Race Studies and Neuroscience & Behavior
Columbia College student Dyuti D.

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because I wanted to be challenged both in the classroom and outside. By living in a big city, every day I have so many opportunities at my fingertip and am constantly pushed to be the best version of myself. I feel like living in New York City and going to Columba challenges me."

D. CC'23
Fargo, ND
Neuroscience & Behavior, concentration in Public Health
Columbia College student Annie Z.

The Core Curriculum: "As an Economics major, the Core Curriculum not only allows me to have a wide understanding of different areas of studies, but it also creates a special bond between students across different schools at Columbia and from other majors who I would otherwise never meet in my economics classes!"

Z. CC'25
Shanghai, China
Economics and Psychology
Columbia College student Rebecca S.

The Core Curriculum: "Core Curriculum classes have encouraged me to reflect on the human experience in small, seminar discussions with peers from Columbia’s large, diverse student body. The free, open exchange of alternative viewpoints—and often lively debates—have widened my world view."

S. CC'24
New York, NY
French & Francophone Studies
Columbia College student Maylla

A residential campus in NYC: "Living on campus, for me, is being able to see people I care about often, being able to engage with the resources of campus from people to green space and city life, growing and learning and exploring myself in a college community. Being here means I can live with other students, be close to my classes and the dining and residence halls and really be immersed in the Columbia community."

P. CC'23
Omega, GA
Human Rights
Columbia College student Katherine E.

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because I could see how this environment would challenge me to think about my role in the world just as much as how a job or career could benefit me. I knew I would be surrounded by diverse peers who viewed professions as more than a way to make money and I would begin to view my career as an interest rather than a job. With world-renowned professors and outstanding resources, Columbia was and is the place where I could be anything."

E. CC'25
Hialeah, FL
Neuroscience & Behavior
Columbia College student Kath C.

Campus Traditions: "My favorite tradition is Tree Lighting. While lining up on College Walk with friends and counting down as we wait for the lights to come on is pretty magical, I mostly like what comes after Tree Lighting. Because the lights are on every night through the rest of the winter, I really love walking down College Walk late at night. It feels like a very quintessential Columbia experience."

C. CC'23
Moulton, AL
English, Concentration in Linguistics
Columbia College student Kate O.

Why Columbia? "When I visited Columbia’s campus and had the opportunity to talk to students, I knew immediately that I needed to be here. The campus and students all have this same motivation and eagerness to change the world, and that was something I wanted to be a part of."

O. CC'25
Roselle, NJ
Architecture, Concentration in Urban Teaching
Columbia College student Jessie L.

Learning beyond the classroom: "I'm in a program called the Summer Internship Program in Psychological Science (SIPPS) that combines weekly workshops with mentored research projects. SIPPS is aimed specifically towards students who have little to no lab or research experience, which really helps them build a jumping off point for future experiences. It takes place on campus, which is really convenient, and the application was super easy—just a form with your information, interests and short essay questions, all through its own Columbia website!"

L. CC'25
Yardley, PA
English and Psychology
Columbia College student Ella T.

In the world's greatest city: "Even though I've spent my whole life in and around New York City, it has been very rewarding to explore all the city has to offer through the eyes of my friends who grew up all across the world. Seeing them enjoy my favorite spots and discover their own has been such an exciting aspect of my Columbia experience so far!"

T. CC'25
New York, NY
Comparative Literature, Concentration in Sustainable Development
Columbia Engineering student Elias T.-P.

Campus traditions: "My favorite Columbia tradition is the student-run music festival, Bacchanal. It is an incredibly fun experience where everyone takes a day to relax by going out with friends to the Columbia lawns. I was able to hang out friends and catch up with so many people after a busy semester and before finals start. It is such a great time, not to mention the wonderful artists that visit Columbia!"

T-P. SEAS'23
Hamilton, OH
Biomedical Engineering, Pre-Medicine Track
Columbia Engineering student Axel O.

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because of its location, diverse atmosphere, the Core Curriculum and the distinguished engineering programs. As someone interested in visual arts, New York has exposed me to world-class museums and theaters. The Core Curriculum has allowed me to learn a new language and explore areas outside my major."

O. SEAS'23
Chihuahua, Mexico
Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Hispanic Studies
Columbia College student Ashley P.

The Core Curriculum: "Taking Literature Humanities has certainly been my favorite academic experience. I was able to write an essay comparing the Pride & Prejudice movie to the original text, and I think that is a beautiful representation of how the class allows us to unite our passions with the key principles found within canonical literature."

P. CC'25
Dallas, TX
Film & Media Studies, Special Concentration in Business Management
Columbia Engineering student Arpita S.

In the world's greatest city: "Columbia goes out of its way to make things accessible for all students, especially first-generation low-income students. I was able to go to the Museum of Ice Cream for free, with even my MetroCard fare being provided for! I have also been able to go to other museums for free with the Passport to Museums, including the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art."

S. SEAS'25
Queens, NY
Civil Engineering