Meet Our Students

From the Lions Mouth: 
My Extracurricular Activities: 
My Columbia Day: 
  • Attend Introduction to Mathematical Programming with Professor Jay Sethuraman, a professor I really admire because he gives us examples of the importance of each topic, explains it in a clear matter and emphasizes deep conceptual understanding. I’m also doing a research project with him where we are working with the Federal Aviation Administration to determine the best way to deal with weather delays in the context of aircraft rescheduling.

  • Meet with my suitemates to grab groceries from Westside Market and cook some lunch! This is a great way to make sure we see each other even on days where everyone is busy. Plus, we can practice some cooking basics. Today we are cooking a stir fry, my favorite!

  • Meet with one of my friends to work on our dance piece for a choreography class we are taking. As part of this class, we have to create a five-minute piece in collaboration with someone, so it’s always interesting to see how two people’s creative processes fuse into one. Choreographing is something I’m looking to pursue professionally as well, so seeing how someone else thinks can definitely teach me a lot.

  • Head to rehearsal downtown with Catastrophe Dance Company. As someone who is looking to pursue dance as a career, it’s amazing to take academic classes during the day and then train and work with beautiful professional dancers at night. Today we are putting together some choreography for a music video shoot!