The Columbia-Juilliard Program

In addition to the thriving creative community at Columbia, which includes both the renowned Music Performance Program and the Columbia University Arts Initiative, exceptionally talented Columbia College students may apply for the Columbia-Juilliard Program, which gives them access to instrumental, jazz, composition or voice instruction and other resources at The Juilliard School.

Program Details

The Columbia-Juilliard Program is the leading program of its kind in the world—an incredible opportunity to study at two preeminent institutions. In addition to weekly instruction with Juilliard faculty, Columbia-Juilliard Program participants may:

  • access nearly all practice facilities at both Columbia and Juilliard
  • participate in chamber music at Juilliard, coached by Juilliard faculty
  • observe master classes in their area of instruction (generally 8-10 offered each academic year)
  • compete in Juilliard's annual concerto competitions
  • apply to Juilliard’s Master of Music program early (prior to earning an undergraduate degree)

Columbia College students in the Columbia-Juilliard Program have the opportunity for weekly instrumental, jazz, composition or voice instruction with Juilliard faculty. Most candidates admitted to the Program are incoming first-year students, but current students within Columbia College may also apply by submitting an application to Juilliard

The program is designed for up to three years of study, with the option for students in their junior year to apply for the Joint Program (see below) or petition for a fourth year of study in the Program. At the end of each academic year, annual juries are held to determine eligibility to continue in the program.

How to apply

To apply to the Columbia-Juilliard Program, students must complete an application to Columbia College and the Barnard-Columbia-Juilliard (BCJ) portion of Juilliard's application. See Juilliard's application directions for more information.

The Juilliard application is due December 1. Admission to the program is most selective, with approximately 15 candidates admitted each year.

The Columbia-Juilliard Program tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $8,586. Financial aid is available to cover the additional tuition expenses for Program participants based on demonstrated need and consistent with Columbia policies.

May I apply Early Decision if I am interested in the Columbia-Juilliard Program?

Yes. First-year candidates admitted to Columbia College under Early Decision may keep their candidacy open for the Columbia-Juilliard Program. However, successful Early Decision candidates must withdraw any Bachelor of Music applications to Juilliard (that is, an application to attend Juilliard as a full-time enrolled student, rather than as part of the Columbia-Juilliard Program) along with candidacy to all other institutions as part of the Early Decision binding agreement.

May I apply to both the Columbia-Juilliard Program and Juilliard's Bachelor of Music program?

Yes. Candidates applying to both the Columbia-Juilliard Program and Juilliard's Bachelor of Music will need to check the appropriate boxes when completing their Juilliard application. Note that successful Early Decision candidates to Columbia must withdraw their Bachelor of Music candidacy to Juilliard, although they may keep their Columbia-Juilliard Program candidacy open.

Is it possible for a candidate to be admitted to both Columbia College and Juilliard for the Bachelor of Music program but not be admitted to the Columbia-Juilliard Program?

Yes. Due to the highly selective admissions process for the Columbia-Juilliard Program, it is possible that applicants may only be admitted to Juilliard's Bachelor of Music degree and not admitted to the Columbia-Juilliard Program, regardless of their admission status at Columbia.

May I reapply to the Columbia-Juilliard Program as a Columbia College student if I was not initially admitted as an incoming student?

Yes. A small number of current Columbia College students apply (or reapply) to the Columbia-Juilliard Program each academic year, and occasionally students are admitted to participate for the following academic year. Once admitted into the Columbia-Juilliard Program, Columbia students may continue each eligible academic year pending their performance during annual juries at Juilliard.

The Joint Program: Bachelor of Arts/Masters of Music

As an extension of the Columbia-Juilliard Program, students may apply in their third or fourth year at Columbia College to earn their Masters of Music from Juilliard through The Joint Program, which offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelors of Arts from Columbia College and Masters of Music from Juilliard in five years. Voice candidates for the Masters of Music may need 6 years of study to complete the Joint Program, depending on preparation.

After successfully applying to Juilliard for graduate study, students admitted to the Joint Program enter Juilliard for their fourth and fifth years of study. Once attending Juilliard, students will be subject to Juilliard's financial aid and housing policies.

How to apply

To apply to the Joint Program, Columbia College students must:

  • consult with their Advising Dean
  • have completed (or be on track to complete) 94 points of course work at Columbia College, including the Core Curriculum requirements and major or concentration requirements
  • have participated in the Columbia-Juilliard Program for at least one year.


We have prepared a list of common questions from Columbia-Juilliard Program applicants. If your question is not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, please email