Columbia College

From its distinctive Core Curriculum, exceptional research facilities and extensive global programming, to its small class sizes and intimate learning environments, the educational experience of Columbia College is marked by countless opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

Mindful, inquisitive and driven to better themselves and the world around them, Columbia College students embrace a mindset of inquiry and continual discovery. They pursue their passions with vigor, purpose and an active interest in shaping a better future—and find that they’re capable of even more than they may have imagined.

Columbia College Core Curriculum stack of books

Where a 100-year-old Core Curriculum inspires a thousand new points of view.

The Core Curriculum presents Columbia College students with challenging ideas that encourage them to be critical thinkers who are ready to develop the skills of listening, questioning and debate, as well as active citizens who are engaged in their communities.

Explore the Core

At Columbia College, you won't just develop skills, capacities and capabilities, but you'll also reflect on your path and understand how you developed them, where you developed them and how these experiences fit in with your entire journey.

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Areas of study

Columbia College students select from over 80 areas of study across 58 academic departments—including a range of interdisciplinary options and joint programs. 

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A little guidance goes a long way. 

Columbia College students are guided by faculty and staff advisers who are committed to the craft of teaching and mentorship. Together, they explore new horizons of knowledge, understanding and impact.  

Explore Advising


Whether you engage with Columbia alumni, attend On-Campus Recruiting events or get professional guidance at the Center for Career Education, you will be set up for success.


Join field-leading thinkers and your peers in the labs, institutes and research centers that make Columbia one of the world's leading research institutions. A world of discovery awaits.

Global Experiences

Look at any aspect of our community and you'll see that our students are engaged both academically and experientially with the larger world—on campus, across our city and around the globe.


Whether pursuing an extraordinary job opportunity or an elite graduate program, Columbia students graduate prepared with the skills and knowledge to succeed—no matter what their next steps might be.