Greetings from Morningside Heights!

The 2019-2020 Counselor Update is available for you to review and download

Important Updates 2019-2020

Columbia University's 266th year is sure to be one of excitement and change as we welcome the Class of 2023 and some noteworthy developments and initiatives on our campus.

  • Our Core Curriculum celebrates its centennial this year 100 years of deliberate conversations, asking critical questions and engaging with others across difference about values and beliefs.  

  • My Columbia College Journey and the 13 Core Competencies serve as a framework for current Columbia students to make meaning of their experiences, prompting reflection and encouraging conversation. The Core Competencies, which range from community engagement and inclusion to quantitative literacy, serve as a tool for students to reflect on their personal growth during their Columbia journey and beyond. 

  • What sets a Columbia engineer apart? Not simply technical experts, Columbia engineers learn to solve the world's most pressing problems because they have a deeper understanding of the world itself. Columbia Engineering emphasizes Engineering for Humanity, and creating a more sustainable, healthy, secure, connected and creative world for all of us.  

  • The Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement has been established as a hub of global activity at Columbia. The Center provides support for students interested in opportunities for global engagement and learning, from traditional study abroad programs to global internships and research to programming on our campus and in New York City.

Reminders from Undergraduate Admissions


  • Applicants may self-report ACT and SAT test scores.

  • SAT Subject Test scores are not required.

  • Columbia does not require the optional writing portion of the ACT or SAT.


  •  $174 MILLION in scholarships and grants annually.

  • $55,691 average grant.

  •  3 MINUTES to estimate financial aid eligibility with our college cost estimator.