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First-year applicants

Apply to join our community as a full-time first-year student to Columbia College or Columbia Engineering.

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We welcome over 100 transfer students to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering each year.

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Combined Plan applicants

Combined Plan students receive a degree in the liberal arts and a B.S. in Engineering from Columbia.

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Visiting students

Broaden your undergraduate experience with one or two semesters in the Visiting Student Program.

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You can afford Columbia, and we want to help make it possible.

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Welcome to Columbia University in the City of New York. Our campus is located specifically on the island of Manhattan, which means "island of many hills" in the language of the Lenni Lenape people. We recognize that Manhattan is part of the ancestral and traditional homeland of the Lenni Lenape and Wappinger people, who are still active members of our community throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Learn more by watching this video.



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Columbia has been a place of deep intellectual curiosity and wide-ranging academic inquiry since 1754.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I apply Early Decision?

If Columbia is your first-choice school—and you are willing to make a binding commitment to attend if admitted—we encourage you to consider applying Early Decision. Learn more about the Early Decision process.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The financial aid application process collects information about your family's income, assets, family composition and other circumstances. All requirements are detailed on the financial aid office website.


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