New York City

NYC Taxi on Street

New York City

The world’s city, home to major institutions in innovation, culture, media, science, education, health, politics, finance, and technology. Our New York is a neighborhood, a classroom, a leader, a community, a testing ground, a cultural wonderland, a source of inspiration, a home, a friend, an indispensable resource.

Columbia Startup Lab

New York is home to over 7,000 startups. In just five years, Columbia Startup Lab has made an impact on that growing ecosystem with more than 250 startups and some 350 entrepreneurs, all Columbia graduates. 

Enjoy aerial views of Columbia's Morningside Heights Campus (youtube video)

Enjoy aerial views of Columbia's Morningside Heights Campus

Students speak to New York City and choosing Columbia (youtube video)

Living in New York as a college student is the opportunity of a lifetime. Listen to Columbia students talk about their New York experience. 

“As a Columbia student walking around Morningside Heights, it can easily feel like everything (even stores and newsstands) were strategically placed there just for you. From as far from campus as 90th street, there are Columbia University T-shirts on sale; this, amongst other things, makes one feel like a part of a recognized New York community.”

Jake O.


museums and countless galleries across NYC

New York City and Career Exploration

The Center for Career Education works with students to explore career options, prepare for internships and jobs, and build connections across fields. Columbia students can take advantage of living in New York as early as their first year through programs such as the Columbia Exploration Externship program. 

The Columbia experience is not only a classroom experience, but an experience of the city of New York itself. (youtube video)

The Columbia experience is not only a classroom experience, but an experience of the city of New York itself.

“Your Columbia experience is defined not only by what you learn from your faculty and peers, but also from the city itself. New York is a hotbed of opportunities and Columbia facilitates access to those advantages. On campus, I listened to lectures by my favorite architects Zaha Hadid and Michael Arad in the basement of Avery, saw Lance Armstrong speak at the World Leaders Forum in Low Library, caught a glimpse of Oprah Winfrey walking on 116th and Broadway and survived a line of screaming girls to see Johnny Depp speak at Miller Theater. ”


Broadway theatres across NYC

Columbia's Manhattanville Campus Comes to Life (vimeo video)

Columbia's Manhattanville Campus Comes to Life 


public parks and playgrounds across the city

World Science Festival in New York City

The World Science Festival is an annual event hosted in New York City, co-founded by Columbia professor Brian Greene. The festival aims to make complex scientific concepts accessible, as well as fun, to the public.