Residential Life

Ferris Booth Dining Hall

Residential Life

When you’re completely engrossed in conversation with your new floormates as you look out over the city lit up by a million lights … When you’re sitting next to an amazing alum at one of the frequent residence hall dinners … When you’re having hot chocolate with suitemates while you help them pick out Halloween costumes … When you bump into a professor you had last term who wants to know all about what you’re up to — at times like these you will suddenly realize that Columbia is more home than home base and the people around you are more family than just friends.

“Carman 6 was the best floor to live on. The suite-style living and spacious halls encouraged a social environment right off the bat and made transitioning to college and meeting new people really easy. ”
“Hartley is the best first-year dorm because the RAs organize awesome activities to help you adjust to college life, meet friends and experience New York. I kayaked on the Hudson, carved Halloween pumpkins and took a workshop on healthy dorm cooking, all with my suitemates.”

Matthew J.


of all undergraduates live on campus all four years; housing is guaranteed for all four years


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“John Jay was the best residence hall because I had a gorgeous view of Low Library, I never had to leave the building to eat and my floor was full of people who became so close throughout the year. Everyone’s doors were always open, and by the end of the year, I knew almost everyone that lived in the building and what floor they lived on.”

Daniela Q.


Morningside Campus

Columbia's Morningside Campus

Columbia's Morningside campus as seen from the air. Low Library's cuppola is seen in the foreground.


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“This year in Watt, my roommate will be a fellow Computer Science major. Our room décor will include multiple computer monitors filled with broken and functional code, computer science books on the shelves and floor and possibly cupcakes with the Linux penguin on them.”
“My favorite memory of living in John Jay was going to see The Daily Show with my entire floor during my first semester. Going from class to dinner to seeing Jon Stewart live was completely surreal and so much better in the company of new friends.”

Marybeth S.

“During my first year, I lived in a suite in Wallach as part of the Living and Learning Center. This made it easy to find new friends, some of whom have remained my best college friends throughout my time and who I am planning to live near next year. ”

Marek S.

“As a first year student, I lived in a single room on the third floor of Wallach Hall. I loved that it balanced privacy and community.”

Jake O.