“I’ve been most challenged by the way in which professors expect me to apply the learned material. It’s a long but very rewarding process, and I feel that I’ll leave Columbia with both an undergraduate degree and skills that are relevant to multiple fields.”

Sally S.

“From the second I stepped onto campus, I’ve seen how diverse our community is here and how “global” my experience actually is. My best friend on campus is an international student, and his unique experiences continue to give me a distinct perspective on the way I handle school, work and life. The World Leaders Forum extended that by allowing me to question leaders face-to-face and learn about the rest of the world from the leaders who are shaping it. My professors come from all over the world and their expertise reflects their commitment to understanding the way the world works. They have inspired me to focus on international and comparative politics.”

Sruti S.

“The absolute best part of Columbia is the Core. I love that the centerpiece of our school spirit is academic and that every student is an active part of this. I love that I could walk into Carman and starting talking to anyone in the elevator about Dante, Austen or Cervantes, and that it encourages us to approach our academic life together as a community of learners. The small, intimate environment of the Core spreads to other classes, so professors can quote Plato and expect us to understand it, even in other disciplines. I definitely underestimated the extent to which the Core enriches the depth of discussion in a really meaningful way.”

Sruti S.

Columbia Engineering Professor Awarded NSF Grant

Computer Science Professor Steven Nowick has won a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.

Columbia Marks 258th Year

Founded on July 12, 1754, as King's College, Columbia highlights our 258 years of history.