My Columbia College Journey

At the heart of the Columbia experience is a conscious and considered process of becoming—not just scholars, intellectuals and professionals, but also individuals. We believe elements of personal character transcend disciplines and occupations. As an institution, we seek to cultivate in our students a holistic and multifaceted sense of self that will serve them well in all endeavors, both as members of their community and citizens of the world.

The Core Competencies of My Columbia College Journey

My Columbia College Journey is a framework for inquiry and self reflection. It consists of thirteen competencies students can use to better understand their academic, social and intellectual experience in the context of their own growth as an individual. Neither requirements nor restrictions, these competencies serve as landmarks that can help you find your way on the path to becoming who you’re meant to be.

Explore the Core Competencies

Creativity and Innovation

Identify interests that support your creativity, enhance your ability to think flexibly, and imagine original knowledge, solutions, creations and works.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Consider what is gained through collective commitment toward a shared goal. Develop strategies for fostering engagement and taking initiative in pursuit of discovery.

Information and Technological Literacy

Evaluate your relationship to technology and society’s vast informational landscape. Know your tools; manage them carefully; deploy them masterfully.

Oral Communication

Speak deliberately—with precision, passion, and clarity. Trust your ability to articulate complex ideas and perspectives. Above all, express yourself.

Wellness and Resilience

Balance the spheres of your life. Acknowledge success, learn from failure, and form sustainable strategies for preserving physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Civic and Individual Responsibility

Understand your values, and imagine the impact of your words and actions. Seek experiences that reflect those values; act in concert with your community.


Pursue new knowledge. Engage effectively and resourcefully with existing theory; indulge in healthy criticism of your own approach; discover opportunities in the unknown.

Community Engagement and Inclusion

Practice stewardship within your community. Be inclusive. Recognize and celebrate differences in values and identity; broaden both perspectives and horizons.

Quantitative Literacy

See the whole equation. Become fluent in the interpretation and analysis of data. Find solutions through a multiplicity of pathways.

Global Awareness 

Construct a working view of the world. Immerse yourself in the unfamiliar, and build connections across continents and cultures.


Strive for understanding. Build a broad foundation, advance the proficiency of your interests, and aspire to mastery of many disciplines.

Written Communication

Harness the written word. Explore forms, mediums, and rhetoric. Find your voice, and train it to tell your story.

Critical Thinking

Form your own wisdom. Be vigilant in the analysis of information and ideas. Apply lenses across subjects and disciplines. Question.