Combined Plan Program Admissions

Students can apply for the Combined Plan program in their junior (3-2 program) or senior (4-2) year of undergraduate study. High school students do not apply until they are enrolled in an undergraduate institution, and should contact their prospective institution(s) for more information.

Please contact the Columbia Engineering Graduate Student Services office for more information about graduate programs in engineering.

Students who attend affiliated liberal arts schools must meet the requirements listed below to earn guaranteed admission. Students that do not meet the requirements for guaranteed admission or do not attend an affiliated liberal arts school, may still apply.

To see if the Combined Plan program is for you, learn more about Engineering at Columbia and the Combined Plan Experience.

Requirements for Guaranteed Admission

Candidates who began at an affiliate school in fall 2011 or later:

  1. Full-time enrollment at an affiliated school for at least the past two years
  2. An overall GPA in accordance with the agreement that your institution has reached with Columbia. For students attending affiliates with agreements prior to 2017, an overall GPA of 3.30 or higher is required. For students attending affiliates with agreements in 2017 or later, a GPA of 3.50 is required. To determine when your institution's agreement was updated, please see the list of affiliate colleges.
  3. A pre-engineering GPA of 3.30 or higher, as calculated by Columbia. Additionally, the minimum grade for each pre-engineering science or math course must be a B (3.0) or better on the first attempt.
  4. Three favorable recommendations: one each from your institution's Combined Plan liaison, math instructor and science instructor
  5. Successful completion, by the end of the spring semester in which you are applying, of the specific prerequisite courses for your intended major as listed in the Pre-Combined Plan Curriculum Guide
  6. Completion (before entering Columbia) of the major and degree requirements prescribed by your home institution for graduation
  7. Demonstration of English language proficiency as listed below.
  8. Be in good standing at the member institution. Any student who has previously been placed on academic probation or disciplinary action may apply but will not qualify for guaranteed admission.

Candidates who began at an affiliate school starting in fall 2016:

The above requirements are the same with the updated articulation agreement from summer 2016, which includes new information about the Columbia policies that Combined Plan students are subject to once enrolled at Columbia. Please note a new exception, a three-year residency requirement at the affiliate institution, which can include time spent at a previous institution and/or study abroad opportunities. Additionally, applicants with 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA are welcome to consider the program, although admission is not guaranteed.

In order to be eligible for guaranteed admission, applicants must meet the requirements from the Curriculum Guide that was issued in the fall semester they began college. Students are not subject to the changes made to Curriculum Guides issued in subsequent years. For details, please review the Curriculum Guide that was issued in the year you began college [Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017].  

You should confer with the liaison at your school in order to determine which classes fulfill Columbia pre-engineering foundation and major-specific courses.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

One of the requirements for guaranteed admission to the Combined Plan program is proof of English language proficiency. A candidate whose native language is not English and whose language of instruction in secondary school was not English must demonstrate English language proficiency. Candidates must submit an official score report from the testing agency for one of the following English proficiency examinations:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): A minimum score of 600 (paper-based) or 100 (Internet-based) is necessary for fulfillment of this requirement.
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System): A minimum score of 7.0 is necessary for fulfillment of this requirement.
  • SAT or ACT: A minimum score of 650 on the Critical Reasoning or Writing sections of the old SAT or a minimum score of 29 on the English or Reading sections of the ACT is necessary for fulfillment of this requirement.

If test scores have expired, the admissions office will accept a copy of the official score report, submitted by the student and certified by an official from the applicant’s institution,from tests taken within the last five years. Self-reported scores will not be accepted.

If an applicant does not have the required standardized testing, the requirement may be fulfilled by obtaining a grade of B or higher in the prerequisite course equivalent to English Composition (ENGL C1010 University Writing), a foundational prerequisite course as noted in the Combined Plan Curriculum Guidethat was issued in the year you began at the home institution [Fall 2014Fall 2015Fall 2016Fall 2017].  

Applicants must take all standardized test examinations no later than February 28, 2018 for consideration for the fall of 2018.

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