Student Activities

Students returning from COÖP

Student Activities

As one alumna said, “Columbians expect to be involved.” You will meet other students like you — students who want to make an impact in their community, continue a familiar passion, or discover a new one. Clubs here are some of the most interesting, rewarding, close-knit, and fun micro-communities you’ll ever be part of.


African American advocacy group on a multi-racial campus in the U.S.


clubs and organizations – the most interesting, rewarding, close-knit and fun Columbia micro-communities

Clubs & Organizations

In meeting rooms and auditoriums, theaters and playing fields, brownstones and practice rooms, students pursue their passions.

Students Collaborate with Theatre Professionals on Musical Workshop

Columbia undergraduates collaborate on "COLLEGE: The Musical," directed and produced by Laura Pietropinto, CC ’00.

The Design for America encourages youth voters with messages from current CU students (youtube video)

The Design for America Barnard-Columbia chapter video for the access:youth project, encouraging youth voters.

Bacchanal, an annual musical event celebrating the end of the school year

Bacchanal is an annual musical event celebrating the end of the school year.


religious/spiritual campus organizations

Students Produce 124th Varsity Show

The full-length student-produced musical is Columbia’s oldest performing arts tradition.

Orchesis, a completely student-run Columbia dance troupe, produces large-scale dance productions

Orchesis, a completely student-run Columbia dance troupe, puts on large-scale dance productions and also plans dance-related social events for its members.
“Connecting with people very - or even slightly - different from ourselves stimulates the imagination; and when we learn to see the world through a multiplicity of eyes, we only make ourselves more nimble in mastering - and integrating - the diverse fields of knowledge awaiting us.”

Lee C. Bollinger; President, Columbia University


social justice, service and student-led initiatives, clubs and organizations


service and research partnerships across New York City