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From undergraduates at the beginning of a promising academic journey to groundbreaking faculty who are leaders in their fields, the Columbia community is like no other. Each individual brings multifaceted talents, perspectives and interests that contribute to a truly singular intellectual and social environment.

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Meet our students

Meet Our Students
Columbia College student Adelina C.

The Core Curriculum: "I came to Columbia not really knowing what I wanted to study, so I really appreciate the way that the Core Curriculum facilitated my exploration of different subjects. It was through taking random classes that I liked the sound of or taking classes with professors I admired that I ended up stumbling across my majors, which I am now super passionate about!"

C. CC'23
London, United Kingdom
Ethnicity & Race Studies and Neuroscience & Behavior
Columbia College student Andrea S-B.

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because I really wanted a school where I didn't have to sacrifice having a traditional on-campus college experience with being able to explore the vast resources of a large city. Thanks to the Core Curriculum, I can create that small community that I really loved from my previous school while being able to explore areas of study that had never been able to explore before. With that, I also love that Columbia really integrates going out and about in New York City to compliment our education."

S-B. CC'23
Chicago, IL
American Studies and History
Columbia Engineering student Arpita S.

In the world's greatest city: "Columbia goes out of its way to make things accessible for all students, especially first-generation low-income students. I was able to go to the Museum of Ice Cream for free, with even my MetroCard fare being provided for! I have also been able to go to other museums for free with the Passport to Museums, including the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art."

S. SEAS'25
Queens, NY
Civil Engineering
Columbia College student Ashley P.

The Core Curriculum: "Taking Literature Humanities has certainly been my favorite academic experience. I was able to write an essay comparing the Pride & Prejudice movie to the original text, and I think that is a beautiful representation of how the class allows us to unite our passions with the key principles found within canonical literature."

P. CC'25
Dallas, TX
Film & Media Studies, Special Concentration in Business Management
Columbia Engineering student Elias T.-P.

Campus traditions: "My favorite Columbia tradition is the student-run music festival, Bacchanal. It is an incredibly fun experience where everyone takes a day to relax by going out with friends to the Columbia lawns. I was able to hang out friends and catch up with so many people after a busy semester and before finals start. It is such a great time, not to mention the wonderful artists that visit Columbia!"

T-P. SEAS'23
Hamilton, OH
Biomedical Engineering, Pre-Medicine Track
Columbia College student Emhyr S.

Learning beyond the classroom: "I’ve had the opportunity to conduct research in two different areas: one on battery modeling, and the other in bacterial engineering. Both opportunities were fantastic ways to apply my skills from the classroom in a hands-on, impactful way, while learning a lot in the process."

S. SEAS'24
Reno, NV
Chemical Engineering, Minor in Biomedical Engineering
Columbia College student Kath C.

Campus Traditions: "My favorite tradition is Tree Lighting. While lining up on College Walk with friends and counting down as we wait for the lights to come on is pretty magical, I mostly like what comes after Tree Lighting. Because the lights are on every night through the rest of the winter, I really love walking down College Walk late at night. It feels like a very quintessential Columbia experience."

C. CC'23
Moulton, AL
English, Concentration in Linguistics
Columbia College student Katherine E.

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because I could see how this environment would challenge me to think about my role in the world just as much as how a job or career could benefit me. I knew I would be surrounded by diverse peers who viewed professions as more than a way to make money and I would begin to view my career as an interest rather than a job. With world-renowned professors and outstanding resources, Columbia was and is the place where I could be anything."

E. CC'25
Hialeah, FL
Neuroscience & Behavior

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