Columbia College

From understanding the forces of globalization to grasping life through the prism of a gene or a molecule, to expressing human yearning through the arts, Columbia College challenges students to think critically and develop intellectual skills. Your years of undergraduate study are about more than just the classroom. The Columbia College community is united by an effort to reflect on the many ways in which we grow as individuals in our time here and beyond. We call it My Columbia College Journey.

One of the world's premier liberal arts colleges and distinguished by a singular, intensive Core Curriculum, Columbia College provides all the benefits of a small college and all the reach of a great research university. Students here have close contact with prize-winning and path-breaking faculty, a comprehensive advising system and a community where individuals will be able to interact with their peers in a deep, meaningful way both in and outside of the classroom.  You also benefit from close ties with the University’s renowned graduate and professional schools, including law, business, medicine, arts, journalism, and international and public affairs all while being surrounded by the world’s most exciting city: New York.