Combined Plan Program Experience

The Columbia Combined Plan program enables students to receive both a liberal arts and an engineering education, getting the best of what each educational experience has to offer. Students will receive a B.A. degree in a liberal arts field as well as a B.S. in an engineering discipline from Columbia.

The program is usually completed as a 3-2 sequence: three years in a liberal arts curriculum and two years in Columbia Engineering (with students applying in the junior year). The program may also be completed as a 4-2 sequence: four years in a liberal arts curriculum and two years in Columbia Engineering (with students applying in the senior year).

Life at Columbia

Combined Plan students can participate in undergraduate research, undergraduate student life (including groups such as Engineers Without Borders and the Engineering Student Council) and Columbia resources such as the Center for Career Education and the Center for Student Advising.

Combined Plan students are guaranteed housing during their first engineering year.  While Columbia will do its best to accommodate students’ requests to live on campus after the first year, there is no guarantee that Combined Plan students will be offered a room on campus beyond the first year. Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) can assist students in non-Columbia owned buildings.


Columbia Undergraduate Degree Students

Current students enrolled in Columbia College, Barnard College and full-time students in the School of General Studies are eligible for guaranteed admission under the Combined Plan program. In addition to reviewing the requirements necessary for guaranteed admission, please speak with your academic adviser about relevant prerequisite courses.

Liberal Arts Affiliates

The schools listed here have an affiliation agreement with the Combined Plan program; students who fulfill certain requirements are guaranteed admission. Students interested in the Combined Plan program should contact their liaison as early as possible to plan their course of study and prepare for admission.

Please refer to the affiliate college's website and admissions office for more information about the institution, their undergraduate experience and their admissions requirements for first-year students. Interested candidates should speak to the liaison at the affiliate school to discuss their academic plans prior to applying to the Combined Plan program.

Click here for a full list of Combined Plan Affiliates.