Student Wellness

At Columbia, we understand that health and wellness are essential in achieving and sustaining success in any of life’s spheres—personal, social, academic and professional. We also recognize that wellness is multifaceted and interrelated, encapsulating the physical as well as the mental, the emotional and the psychological.

Learning to care for yourself and the people around you—and knowing how, when and where to seek support when you need it—is one of the most important lessons of the college experience. From a wide range of medical and mental health resources, to a comprehensive network of public safety programs, our students enjoy the support they need as they explore our campus and our city, and become more capable, responsible and independent individuals. 

Live Well | Learn Well

Columbia University is dedicated to creating a campus culture that values and promotes individual well-being and a healthy community for undergraduates. Through Live Well | Learn Well, Columbia offers integrated resources focused on important aspects of your overall well-being including intellectual, physical, relational, career, financial, emotional and spiritual health. 

Columbia Health

Columbia Health advances the health of the Columbia community, as well as the personal and academic development of our students. The Columbia Health team consists of more than 150 medical providers, including therapists and disability specialists, nutritionists, peer counselors and support staff—all of whom work to deliver integrated services and programs that cultivate the best possible outcomes for those in our community. 

From comprehensive clinical services, to resources on a range of health topics, to a robust calendar of workshops, informative lectures, Stressbuster sessions and awareness events, Columbia Health is our community’s one-stop shop for all things wellness. 

Public Safety

If you’ve never visited New York City before, it’s normal to have concerns or to feel a bit anxious about things like personal safety. Once you’ve experienced the city, though, you’ll realize it’s an incredible collection of neighborhoods and people who often want to enjoy many of the same experiences you do. 

Nevertheless, we take Public Safety very seriously at Columbia, and Morningside Heights is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City. You’ll find Blue Light Emergency Call Boxes throughout campus. We have security desks in every residence hall. We offer a Lion Safe App, a Campus Escort program and on-demand evening shuttles. We also created the Red Lion Safe Haven Program with 130+ participating businesses dedicated to helping any Columbia student who needs it, any time of the day or night.

Students sitting on campus with Low library in background


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