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Columbia student Ashley P. from Dallas, Texas

Ashley's advice: "Ask yourself, "Who do I want to become?" I applied to Columbia because I knew that I wanted to become someone who engages with and learns from the arts, someone who could reconcile ancient philosophical texts with modern issues and someone who could appreciate cultural diversity because I’d lived in a city that valued it."

Dallas, TX
Film and Media Studies, Special Concentration in Business Management
Columbia student Emhyr S. from Reno, Nevada

Why Columbia? "At Columbia, there’s a true abundance of opportunities—both within campus and in the city—something that really excited me. I still got the campus atmosphere I desired to develop a strong sense of community, while very much being a part of one of the most bustling cities in the world."

Olympia, WA
Chemical Engineering, Minor in Biomedical Engineering
Columbia student Sarah S. from New York, New York

Sarah's advice: "It's crucial to keep an open mind. In my own case, for part of high school I was sure I did not want to go to a school in a big city... and then I toured Columbia, and my mind was completely changed!"

New York, NY
Columbia student Emily M. from Los Angeles, California

Why Columbia? "One of the biggest reasons why I chose to come to Columbia was because of how many resources are available. As a student who is first-gen, low income and coming from a single parent household, financial aid and the diversity of the student population was really important to me."

Los Angeles, CA
Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Earth and Environmental Engineering
Columbia student Brian V. from Stamford, Connecticut

Why Columbia? "I chose Columbia because there are endless opportunities in our very own backyard. New York City is oftentimes called the capital of the world, and that's because of everything here—entertainment, art, business, music, internships... The list goes on!"

Stamford, CT
Computer Science, Economics
Columbia students hanging out outside on Engineering Terrace
Three students stand in front of Butler library, facing the camera. They are smiling and chatting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Columbia looking for when evaluating students for admission? What are the criteria for admission?

The Columbia University first-year class of College and Engineering students is chosen from a large and diverse group of applicants. Columbia employs a holistic approach in assessing candidates in order to evaluate which students are the best matches for Columbia's unique educational experience.

In the process of selection, the Committee on Admissions considers each applicant's academic potential, intellectual strength and ability to think independently. The Committee also considers the general attitudes and character of the applicant, special abilities and interests, maturity, motivation, curiosity and whether they are likely to make productive use of the four years at Columbia.

What if I need an application deadline extension?

We understand that students personally affected by natural disasters, community disturbances or other extenuating circumstances may have challenges in completing their applications on time; they are invited to email us at if their application will be arriving late.

How do I track the status of my application?

Online admissions document tracking is only available during certain times in the admissions process. Applicants will receive an email notifying them how to access their applicant portal. If, at that time, you discover that any items are listed as "not received/processed," please have your school submit a duplicate copy of this missing information to us via email at as soon as possible. Emailed materials will take up to one week for processing. You will have time to submit the missing credentials before decisions are released without being penalized.

Plaque which reads "In Honor of the Lenape People"

Welcome to Columbia University in the City of New York. Our campus is located specifically on the island of Manhattan, which means "island of many hills" in the language of the Lenni Lenape people. We recognize that Manhattan is part of the ancestral and traditional homeland of the Lenni Lenape and Wappinger people, who are still active members of our community throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Learn more by watching this video.

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