Supplementary Materials

We encourage you to convey the breadth and depth of your extra-curricular pursuits within the Activities section of your admission application, including the full name of each organization in which you participate and, if appropriate, a brief description of your involvement. While we request that the volume of supplementary credentials be kept to a minimum, there may be occasions where such credentials provide valuable information that the standard application does not. If you plan to submit supplementary credentials, please follow the instructions below. Please note that supplements are not a required part of our admissions process.

We specifically ask that you do not send collections of awards or certificates, and we explicitly direct that you refrain from submitting or mailing any type of supplementary materials in binders or folders. Do not send CDs, DVDs or hard copies of any materials, as they will not be reviewed. 

If you feel it is necessary to provide additional information, you may submit a PDF of your resume as part of the Columbia-specific questions in either the Common Application or the Coalition Application, where we allow for the submission of professional resumes. Should you wish to share samples of your work that may be viewed online, clearly indicate the relevant links in the Additional Information section of your admission application. 

Finally, please be advised that while we welcome the submission of such credentials, we can provide no guarantee that all materials will be reviewed or evaluated, as they are not required for the admission process.

Early Decision applicants must submit their supplements by November 1 and Regular Decision applicants must submit their supplements by January 1.

Science, Engineering and Other Academic Research

If you have completed research with a faculty member or mentor in science, engineering or other academic disciplines (e.g., humanities, social sciences or languages), you are welcome to provide a one or two page abstract and/or a letter of recommendation from your research mentor for our review as a supplement to your application. If you are submitting an abstract, on the same uploaded document please include a short paragraph (250 word maximum) that describes the duration of your research involvement and details regarding your specific role in and contributions to the research project. This will help us better understand your specific research experience beyond what you may have already included in your other application materials.

You may upload your abstract in the Columbia-specific questions to either the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Your research mentor can send the letter via email to, via fax to 212-854-3393, or via mail to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Artistic Talents and Performance

Candidates who wish to bring their talents in the creative and performing arts to our academic and extracurricular community on campus are welcome to submit supplementary materials that demonstrate these talents, though please note that these submissions are optional and not required for the admissions process. Candidates are also welcome to submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor or adviser for our review as a supplement to the application.

Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, Music and Visual Arts

On the Common Application or the Coalition Application, please indicate your intention to submit an arts supplement in Columbia’s member questions; you will then be provided a link to begin your supplement through our SlideRoom portal page. Please be sure to select the program within SlideRoom that aligns with the application (Coalition Application or Common Application) that you are submitting.

Live auditions are not part of Columbia’s admissions process, but auditions for private lessons, selective ensembles, troupes and various productions are held for enrolled students at the start of each academic year.

Each SlideRoom submission incurs a fee, listed in each program below. SlideRoom fee waivers are automatically provided for all applicants receiving a Common Application fee waiver through the Common Application system, and will be provided for all applicants receiving a Coalition Application fee waiver.


A video of dance accomplishments must be no more than 250MB and between four and six minutes in length. We require that students also list their name, title of the piece, choreographer, composer/music title, and place and date of performance. 

Students should also submit a professional résumé listing their dance achievements. 

A processing fee of $5 will be required at the time of submission.

Drama and Theatre Arts

Students should submit a professional résumé listing their drama and theatre achievements as well as one of the following:

  • A video, no more than 10 minutes in total length, highlighting theatrical performance, directing, design and/or playwriting.
  • A document in .pdf format, up to 15 pages, of either a theatre script or a portfolio demonstrating contributions in design (such as scenic, costume, lighting or sound fields). Students should provide descriptions of individual images and/or additional information as necessary.

A processing fee of $5 will be required at the time of submission.


We ask that students select two works contrasting in period and tempo, and choose from one of three possible types of submissions:

  • orchestral instruments (specify instrument);
  • jazz (specify instrument or composition) or world music;
  • piano, voice, non-orchestral instruments (e.g. classical guitar) or composition (score or recording of score).

We require that students also list the composer, title of the work and movement title or opus number. The total length of recordings should not exceed 20 minutes and should not include any biographical or introductory material. Recordings should be as clear as possible. Students will have the opportunity to indicate the time ranges for any highlighted portions of their recordings.

Audio materials will be accepted as .mp3 or SoundCloud files. Composition scores may be submitted as .pdf files. A processing fee of $5 will be required at the time of submission.

Students may submit two music supplements only when their talent is equally impressive in two different areas within music performance or composition.

Columbia College candidates applying to the Columbia-Juilliard Program should submit materials so that Columbia faculty may assess their talent and potential.

Visual Arts

Digital images will be accepted as .jpg, .gif or .png files, up to 5 MB each. Students submitting a visual arts supplement should select up to 20 digital images that highlight the best work in their portfolio. Live portfolio reviews are not part of Columbia’s admissions process.

A processing fee of $10 will be required at the time of submission.

Architecture, Creative Writing and Film

Applicants may upload professional resumes that list artistic achievement in the Columbia-specific questions to the Common Application or the Coalition Application. There is no need to create a SlideRoom profile. 

Advice from Students

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