Required Standardized Testing

Standardized tests are required for admission according to the guidelines below.

The application review process for Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is rooted in the belief that students are dynamic, multi-faceted individuals who cannot be defined by any single factor to determine their suitability for admission. We are always seeking to give students the greatest opportunity to showcase their academic talents and hoping to make the testing experience as stress-free as possible.

In response to continued disruptions to standardized testing availability due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Columbia will observe a test-optional policy for transfer and first-year applicants to Columbia College or Columbia Engineering for the fall of 2022.

See Revised Testing Policy for the 2021-2022 Application Cycle

  • You may choose to take either the ACT or the SAT, and you may self-report your scores on your application.

  • Columbia does not require the optional writing section.

  • You may take standardized tests as late as early November for Early Decision and mid-February for Regular Decision.

  • Non-native speakers should refer to our English proficiency testing requirements, which are in addition to the ACT or SAT, not a substitute.

Superscoring the ACT and SAT

If you take an exam more than once, you will be evaluated on the highest score you received in any individual section. Please note that if you have taken both the redesigned SAT and the previous SAT, we will accept scores from both; however, we will consider only the highest testing results reported from one version of the test, not across both versions.

Submitting Your Scores

You may provide your ACT and/or SAT test scores in one of two ways:

  • Input your scores in the testing section of either the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

  • Update your scores on your Columbia application status page. This page will only be available after you have submitted your application.

We are also able to accept score reports directly from your school via email or mail, if your school's policy allows.

Please note that our office will verify scores for all enrolling students, and any discrepancies between official and self-reported scores may jeopardize a student's place in the class.

If you plan to submit an official score report to our office, please be sure to use the correct registration code for Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science to ensure proper delivery of your scores. The appropriate SAT code is 2116, and the appropriate ACT code is 2717. If you sent your score using an incorrect code, you must contact the testing agency to resend your scores. Please do not use the "rush" service in sending your test scores to Columbia; doing so does not speed up the processing of your test scores. Applicants may select the Score Choice option for the SAT or choose to submit specific ACT composite scores.

Optional Standardized Testing

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), SAT Subject Test and other proficiency exam scores are not required by Columbia, but we will accept your results if you choose to submit them in the testing section of your Common Application or Coalition Application. Optional SAT Subject Test scores can also be submitted on the Columbia application status page after you have applied. You will not be at a disadvantage should you choose not to take these optional tests or submit the scores to Columbia.