Frequently Asked Questions


May I apply Early Decision if I am interested in the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange?

Yes, first-year candidates admitted to Columbia College under Early Decision may keep their candidacy open for the Exchange. However, successful Early Decision candidates must withdraw their Bachelor of Music candidacy to Juilliard along with candidacy to all other institutions as part of the Early Decision binding agreement.

May I apply to both the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange and Juilliard's Bachelor of Music program?

Yes, candidates will need to check the appropriate boxes when applying to Juilliard. However, successful Early Decision candidates must withdraw their Bachelor of Music candidacy to Juilliard, although they may keep their candidacy open for the Exchange.

May I be admitted to both Columbia College and Juilliard for the Bachelor of Music program but not be admitted to Juilliard specifically for the Exchange?

Yes, due to highly selective admissions for the Exchange, it is possible that applicants may only be admitted to Juilliard's Bachelor of Music degree and not admitted to the Exchange, regardless of admission status at Columbia.

May I reapply to the Exchange as a Columbia College student if I was not initially admitted to as an incoming student?

Yes, a small number of current Columbia College students apply (or reapply) to the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange each academic year and occasionally students are admitted to participate for the following academic year. Once admitted into the Exchange, Columbia College students may continue each eligible academic year pending performance during annual juries.

When will I hear from Juilliard?

Columbia notifies all candidates by mid-December for Early Decision or April 1 for Regular Decision. Juilliard notifies all Exchange candidates regarding admission specifically to the Exchange by April 1. Candidates may hear sooner from Juilliard regarding pre-screening results and live audition dates.

Who may I contact with additional questions about applying to the Juilliard Exchange?

Prospective students with questions beyond those addressed on this webpage may reach out to Rachel Taylor in Columbia's Office of Undergraduate Admissions, For questions about The Juilliard School, please contact their office directly at

Do Columbia-Juilliard Exchange participants receive a degree from Juilliard?

No, the Exchange is a cross-registration program that does not lead to an additional degree. The lessons are for credit at Columbia College. However, Exchange participants may choose to continue with the Joint Program, which offers the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College and Master's of Music from Juilliard.

How do I obtain an application for Juilliard?

Please obtain an application and audition information from Juilliard's Office of Admission and submit the Juilliard application directly to Juilliard.

Is there an additional fee for Columbia College students participating in the Exchange?

The Columbia-Juilliard Exchange tuition is $6,450. Financial aid is available to cover the additional tuition expenses for Exchange participants based on demonstrated need and consistent with Columbia policies.