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Andrew D. in the City

Andrew D.

From the Lions Mouth
“Your Columbia experience is defined not only by what you learn from your faculty and peers, but also from the city itself. New York is a hotbed of opportunities and Columbia facilitates access to those advantages. On campus, I listened to lectures by my favorite architects Zaha Hadid and Michael Arad in the basement of Avery, saw Lance Armstrong speak at the World Leaders Forum in Low Library, caught a glimpse of Oprah Winfrey walking on 116th and Broadway and survived a line of screaming girls to see Johnny Depp speak at Miller Theater. ”
My Columbia Day
  • Discuss our latest paper drafts and prepare for the next editing process in University Writing.

  • View Rembrandt and Bruegel during a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my Art Humanitiesclass.

  • Grab an early dinner at Ferris Booth (waffles with ice cream can absolutely be a complete meal) with friends from the Design for America group. I’ve been able to synthesize my interests in architecture, business development and marketing with this organization.

  • Attend a Community Impact Executive Team meeting. Community Impact is the largest service group on campus, overseeing over 28 volunteer groups. Through with this work, I’ve connected Columbia’s campus to the Morningside Heights community.

  • Meet with the team that produces the Varsity Show, Columbia’s annual tradition of students writing, producing, directing and performing a brand new musical centered around life at Columbia. As Publicity Manager, I’m tasked with advertising the show through video trailers, social media and other outlets.