Meet Our Students

From the Lions Mouth
“The entire Columbia experience fosters community in every facet of student life. Residential life provides you with a family outside of home, often with floormates. Academic life brings together students from all backgrounds through small Core Curriculum courses. Finally, when one participates in extracurriculars, the opportunities for finding more communities are endless. The two communities most meaningful to me are my Carman 6 family and the strong Jewish community at Hillel.”
My Columbia Day
  • After grabbing a delicious cup of coffee from Joe Coffee in the Northwest Corner Building, I head to Pupin for my first two classes: Introduction to Programming for Engineers and Applied Scientists, followed by Electricity and Magnetism. I walk out with new programming vocabulary and a multitude of new physics concepts.

  • I head over to John Jay Dining Hall with some friends from Physics, some friends from my floor in Carman and whoever else is available for lunch. We grab a big table to seat all of us and unwind from our long morning!

  • After working on my Operations Research project for Art of Engineering and attending my Microeconomics lecture, I rush to get a seat in Hamilton for a general body meeting of Columbia Financial Investment Group, the largest finance club on campus. We first run through and analyze the week in financial news, and then we listen to a lecture given by a guest speaker who is either a Columbia alum, industry superstar or both!

  • Now that I’ve finished my homework for the night, a group of students from my floor walk over to Dodge Fitness Center together for our nightly workout! We do some laps around the indoor track, then head to the weight room for strength training.

  • Probably my favorite part of the night: everyone gathers in the floor lounge to socialize and relax before bed. Being Columbia students, we often spontaneously erupt into deep discussions about politics or philosophy. That is our idea of light conversation!