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Gretchen S.

From the Lions Mouth
“Professors offer generous office hours, and they have gone above and beyond in terms of giving me recommendations and offering to meet with me to just talk.”
My Extracurricular Activities
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Victorian Poetry with Erik Gray, who is one of the nicest and most intelligent people I’ve met. One lecture spoke to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry and her use of the word “purple," and Prof. Grey theorized how “purple” is similar to “pucker” (and the connections with her subject matter).  

  • Go to Literature Humanities with Darren Higginbotham, who pushed me on my writing skills. I was able to use the Writing Center as a resource to better develop and enhance my writing.

  • Head to my internship at Dance Spirit, a magazine geared towards young dancers. I read this when I was younger, so it's surreal to actually work there. I've had the chance to write my own cover story about a teenaged dancer with juvenile diabetes.

  • Attend a ballet rehearsal with the Columbia Ballet Collaborative. One of my favorite performances last year was a contemporary rock piece, with dances choreographed by a former dancer from Complexions Contemporary Ballet and set to Cat Stevens and other classic songs. I enjoy the energy that comes from our performances!

  • Spend my night reading at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, which is my favorite place to relax at the end of a busy day!