Meet Our Students

Jacoby S.

Major: Sociology
From the Lions Mouth
My Columbia Day
  • After getting up and ready for the day, I walk over to my personal favorite dining hall, Ferris Booth Commons. Here, I grab my morning oatmeal, Greek yogurt and fruit to start my day off right! 

  • At around the middle of my day, I go to my Sociology of Education course with Professor Teresa Sharpe. We critically examine how educational institutions shape young people, their senses of self, and broader patterns of social inequality and difference. Taking this class has really opened my eyes to how much schools are agents of socialization both for individuals and in the larger societal context. Professor Sharpe is also one of the most caring, intelligent professors I have met on campus, and absolutely a testament to how much the professors here want to mentor and teach undergraduates.

  • After a little bit of a break in my day, I continue my work in the Hood Visual Sciences Laboratory, where I'm analyzing in vivo retinal images of glaucoma. My work specifically is looking at how this inner retinal disease might actually have an effect in the outer retina!

  • I end my academic day in Havemeyer 309, a very famous, frequently filmed classroom, for my Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology course with Professor Deborah Mowshowitz. Getting to learn about kidney physiology sitting in the same seat where Peter Parker from Spider-Man sat is a completely surreal experience that you only get here at Columbia!

  • It's time for a quick change into some more formal attire to head on down to the Great White Way--Broadway--to watch The Book of Mormon...for free, thanks to the Urban NY ticket lottery program!