Meet Our Students

Josh D.

From the Lions Mouth
“Your first year at Columbia will go by fast: make sure to make the most of it! The weekends fly by in a rush of student-run musical productions, late-night talks on Low Steps, and trips downtown to try new foods and cuisines. But even though the time moves quickly, the people you meet and the friends you make in your first year will be with you for years to come.”
My Columbia Day
  • Learn about how companies such as Amazon are able to "recommend" products to users in my Data Mining class and begin working on some new coding projects.

  • Head to the Dodge Fitness Center squash courts for my Physical Education class—I'm getting better every day!

  • Grab a well-earned lunch at Ferris Booth Commons with my friends and discuss the merits of different types of pasta sauce.

  • Learn about the shifts in ancient Chinese religious idols in my Chinese Religious Traditions class, which I am using to fulfill my Global Core requirement.

  • Head to Lerner for the weekly meeting of Bwog, a popular campus news blog, where we discuss pitches and articles for the upcoming week.