Meet Our Students

Lily W.

From the Lions Mouth
“For me, Computer Science can be integrated with my pre-med interests because of advancing technology. A lot of nanotechnology that will be used in medicine can be supported with information learned in CS and engineering coursework.”
My Extracurricular Activities
My Columbia Day
  • Attend Art of Engineering with Professor David Vallancourt. I loved learning about what an engineer does, discussing the ethics of engineering, and thinking about what engineering means. I also enjoy being able to create devices through the design component of the course.

  • Go to Physics 1600 with Jeremy Dodd, who is so engaging. He does a lot of fun demonstrations so you can participate in class and not just sit there. Physics is not my strongest area, but he was able to make the topics easy and approachable.

  • Meet with fellow students for an Engineers Without Borders meeting. I love this program because you get to do real world engineering projects; for example, in the Morocco program, we just finished building the world’s largest synthetic cable suspension bridge. 

  • Head over to Dodge Fitness Center to set up LionStore, a pop-up that appears during football and basketball games. It’s fun to not only get to see the games but to be involved in athletics as a non-athlete.