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Columbia undergraduates come from every background and corner of the world, and bring their multifaceted passions, interests and talents to our vibrant campus community.

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Columbia student Cenker C. from Bursa and Instanbul, Turkey

Learning beyond the classroom: "My favorite class so far has been Introduction to Developmental Psychology with Nim Tottenham. I not only learned a lot from the course, but I also developed a very good relationship with Professor Tottenham! In her office hours, she would answer my questions, talk to me about her research and give me advice on how to find research opportunities (I found 2 after using her advice!). She was such an accessible resource that made the course such a pleasure to take."

Bursa & Istanbul, Turkey
Economics-Mathematics, Psychology
Columbia student Jamie W. from West End, North Carolina

In the City of New York: "I've found a skill here in the city to make the most of all its many opportunities while spending as little as possible. Whether its $3 tickets for National Movie Theater Day, free admission to the Intrepid for Smithsonian Appreciation Day, or a walk through Central Park with a free afternoon at the Met using the Arts Initiative, I'm an expert in low-cost exploration."

West End, NC
Biology, Special Concentration in Public Health
Columbia student Lily I. from Yuma, AZ

In the City of New York: "I attempt to make the most of living in New York — going thrifting in Brooklyn, strolling through Central Park on a regular basis, trying new restaurants in the West Village. My favorite things to do in New York are just walking around and exploring. I've also taken advantage of the discounted movie tickets provided through the Arts Initiative on several occasions, and I went ice skating with a friend for free at Bryant Park, which was organized by the Residence Hall Leadership Organization."

Yuma, AZ
English, Film and Media Studies
Columbia student Lucia M. from Long Island, NY

Learning beyond the classroom: "My favorite experience was definitely the departmental project for Art of Engineering when I was a first-year. It was my first experience with learning computer automated design and using a laser cutter. We launched our rockets at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx about a month after we designed and built them, which was really fun as well. It was really cool to see some of the other creative and functional designs."

Long Island, NY
Biomedical Engineering
Columbia student Lydia F. from Clear Lake, IA

Why Columbia? "Coming from a rural area, I knew very little about the college application process. I was torn between studying engineering or going to a smaller liberal arts school — I wanted to be an engineer, but it was also very important to me that I'd still get to take classes in my other interests. The Core Curriculum was a big part of why I chose Columbia because I knew I'd get a strong technical background while also gaining strong skills in writing and analysis. It's pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to think and interact with the world in new ways."

Clear Lake, IA
Earth and Environmental Engineering, Minor in English and Comparative Literature
Columbia student Mariam J. from Portland, OR

Only at Columbia: "I found myself discussing the meaning of life with my friends when a brilliant philosophy professor randomly joined our conversation on the steps of Low Library. The intellectual curiosity, diverse perspectives and vibrant energy that permeate this campus create an environment where such profound conversations become the norm."

Portland, OR
History, Concentration in Computer Science
Columbia student Nick T. from Los Angeles, CA

In the City of New York: "My favorite way to explore New York City is through the Citi Bike system. I can check out a bike right outside Columbia's main gates and take a scenic ride down the Hudson River or an exciting one through the city streets. Either way, I end up downtown in less than 30 minutes, with a good workout and amazing views along the way."

Los Angeles, CA
Philosophy, Psychology
Columbia student Phoebe K. from San Francisco, CA

The Core Curriculum: "My favorite professor is my professor for Contemporary Civilization, and I really enjoyed her approach to teaching. Professor Swett did a fantastic job asking questions and inciting debate amongst students while simultaneously guiding us and providing suggestions as to how we as a class could get the most out of our Core texts. She went above and beyond to connect with each of her students outside of the classroom, and she served as a major support system for me."

San Francisco, CA
American Studies, Art History
Columbia student Sarah S. from New York, NY

A residential campus in NYC: "I love how Columbia's location feels like the best of both worlds. As a residential neighborhood surrounded by three beautiful parks, it provides an escape from the hustle-and-bustle of NYC. Yet, at the same time, with the 1 subway line stopping right at 116th street, students also have instantaneous access to the rest of the city to go out and explore."

New York, NY
Astrophysics, Concentration in Earth Science